Online Marketing Agency, fishbat, Explains How Using Hashtags Can Grow Your Brand

In order to help companies improve their social media promotion strategy, online marketing agency, fishbat, explains how hashtags can grow your brand.

While hashtags are most commonly associated with Twitter, they have become a major part of Facebook and Instagram as well. These terms have major potential to improve a brand’s visibility in spaces that might not have been accessible otherwise, and effectively utilizing them is integral to creating successful social media posts.

Discussed below are a few of the ways that hashtags can elevate a brand to the next level and continue to build business.

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Creating A Brand Hashtag. One of the easiest and most effective ways to use hashtags is to create a short and memorable hashtag that is associated with the brand. The most obvious way to do this is to use the company or product name, but the key is to use it consistently across all types of social media content, and over time, the hashtag will start to accumulate a significant amount of traffic. Keeping a brand-related term that is intuitive to search can lead to more people stumbling across the company’s marketing materials.

Fostering Brand Community. Some of the most successful companies have built a community around their products. Social media is all about connecting people, and businesses that take advantage of this primary intended use can leverage those connections to grow and thrive. Creating a hashtag that encourages the engagement of customers helps them feel like part of something bigger and opens up the possibility for companies to grow through user-created content.

Effectively encouraging customers to create their own posts and use a community hashtag is an incredibly powerful and cost-effective form of marketing, since it requires no further investment from the company while allowing them to penetrate into the poster’s group of followers.

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Create A Marketing Campaign Or Contest. By offering a prize to a few lucky winners, companies can harness the power of a huge base of followers. Asking customers to create a post with a specific campaign-related hashtag provides a huge bump in visibility for the brand and also gives the company valuable information that can be used to inform future marketing campaigns.

The investment involved in giving away free products to a few users’ pales in comparison to the brand awareness associated with these types of promotions.

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