Part 1: 30 MarTech Twitter Handles that Offer Incredible B2B Marketing Insights


The art of connecting with the right people on Twitter depends on what and how you search for information. According to a report in 2014, 44% of Twitter users have never sent a tweet! For modern marketers, Twitter has grown into a convenient source of B2B knowledge that seemingly offers infinite number of quotes, marketing insights, info graphics, blog links and images from all the happening events, across the globe. With the trends of Live streaming and 360-degree videos catching up, MarTech handles are the savviest “news makers” and information beacons.

We bring you 30 “never miss” Twitter handles that you should be following to learn how the MarTech industry is shaping up. From insights on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, these twitter handles will keep you at the top of your B2B marketing game.

  1. Kelly J. Waffle (@KellyJWaffle)

Kelly is the VP of Marketing at Kwanzoo. Named as one of Onalytica’s 2017 Top 100 MarTech Influencers, his tweet stream delves deeper into ABM, Big Data, B2B sales and marketing automation.

  1. Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec)

Scott is the Editor of, and curator of the Martech 5000 supergraphic. Between 2011 and 2017, Scott has covered the evolution of the MarTech landscape with researched views on the “spectacular scope explosion” of marketing.

  1. Matt Heinz (@HeinzMarketing )

Matt is the President of Heinz Marketing Inc., and the host of Sales Pipeline Radio. His twitter stream offers insights on predictive analytics, demand generation tactics, customer experience and sales development tips.

  1. Brian Hansford (@remarkmarketing

Another influential MarTech  twitterati from Heinz Marketing, Brian is the VP of B2B Demand Generation and Marketing Technology. His tweets lead to the latest reports and articles on CMOs, customer journeys, and emerging technologies in the industry.

  1. Moni Oloyede (@MoniOloyede)

Moni is a Senior Digital and Inbound Marketing Manager at FranConnect. Her tweets feature reviews by CMOs on topics like marketing tactics, digital transformation, and content marketing strategies.

  1. Tamara McCleary (@TamaraMcCleary)

Tamara McCleary is the creator of the RelationShift® method and an international branding expert.  McCleary is ranked by Klear in the Top 1% of global Social Media Influencers and listed as one of the Top 50 Social Influencers of 2015 and 2016 by Onalytica. Tamara was named #1 Most Influential Woman in MarTech by B2B Marketing and ranked by LeadTail as the third most mentioned person on Twitter, by CMOs.

  1. George Gallate (@gallate)

George Gallate is the CMO & EVP Global at Merkle. Gallate is a torchbearer in MarTech, who extensively promotes the concept of providing a digital experience via an intersection of search, content and social.

  1. David Hubbard (@MOutfield)

David Hubbard is the CEO and Founder of Marketing Outfield. Hubbard has helped public companies grow by 25-50+% per year by enabling them to execute the right sales and marketing strategies, and empowering effective sales and marketing collaboration. With over 35K followers on Twitter, David stays busy with posts on new-age MarTech categories that help marketers in demonstrating their ROI more effectively.

  1. Matt Benati (@mattbenati)

Matt Benati is the CEO and Co-founder of LeadGnome.  Benati is an active social influencer who participates actively in the collaborative ABM ecosystem by championing insights from FlipMyFunnel, Account Based Marketing, and Account Based Everything communities. Matt is also a contributor at the Account-Based everything hub.

  1. Rand Fishkin (@randfish)

Rand Fishkin is the founder and former CEO of Moz, an inbound marketing and SEO platform. Fishkin tweets about content amplification, link building and ranking strategies. A handy resource for content marketers and influencers, Fishkin’s twitter stream offers great, actionable advice on how to leverage technology and collaborative tools to build sustainable online businesses.

Part 2 of this series would feature the next set of influential MarTech Twitter handles..

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