SRAX Launches Boosted Facebook Post Tool in SRAX Social


SRAX  announced the launch of the new SRAX Social tool for digital marketers and content owners to create posts and promote them beyond their Facebook Page. The tool is the first of many planned monetization opportunities to be developed and integrated into the SRAX Social platform.The new tool is part of SRAX’s social media management platform, SRAX Social, which leverages programmatic technology and big data to share, schedule and automate social media content.

Interview with Chris Miglino, CEO at SRAX

Christopher Miglino, CEO, SRAX
Christopher Miglino, CEO, SRAX

MTS: How do you see Facebook marketing evolving by 2020? 

Christopher Miglino (Chris): Facebook will continue to have an abundance of data that can be used to reach the consumer. The attribution from online to offline sales will be standard in all programs and demanded from the advertiser.

MTS: Is SRAX focusing on any social selling tools? How do you see the B2B sales market evolving with social media transitions?

Chris: SRAX Social is the foundation of our social selling tools. We are adding new features to this product and we have a full suite of products in the pipeline to add to the platform.

Social media is key to the B2B selling process.  Account-based marketing is key and as brands have more access to reaching the right person at the right time, social will have the ability to drive cross platform identification. The ability to reach those consumers at the right time is key to B2B marketing.

MTS: How deep are you into programmatic? Does SRAX intend to invest in Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning capabilities soon for social media advertising?

Chris: Our roots are in programmatic and we have both purchased and sold $100’s of millions of programmatic media. AI is key to all media buying, both problematically and direct. You need to be able to drive optimizations across thousands of sites, creative, and data sets. AI is key to the success of any media buy, social, or traditional digital.

One platform to take advantage of all paid media opportunities

Chris said, “Organic reach for brand content on Facebook has rapidly declined, leading to strong demand to boost content on the social network and beyond. The ability to boost posts directly from SRAX Social provides digital marketers and content owners a new tool to take advantage of the paid media opportunities on Facebook, while managing social media efforts, most importantly, data across social channels and campaigns, through one platform.”

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Currently, SRAX provides social media advertising tools to automate digital marketers and content owners’ campaigns across digital channels. SRAX’s tools amplify performance and maximize profits for brands in the healthcare, CPG, automotive, wellness and lifestyle verticals through an omnichannel approach that integrates all aspects of the marketing experience into one platform.

Drive Online and Offline Sales with AI/ML capabilities for Social Media

SRAX’s machine-learning technology identifies brands’ core consumers and their characteristics discovering new and measurable opportunities to target, reach, and monetize audiences driving online and offline sales lift.

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According to an industry report, organic reach on Facebook for businesses fell more than 50% in 2016, which is at least 10 percentage points more than the decline reported in 2015.

By tapping into the Facebook API, SRAX Social provides digital marketers and content owners a streamlined, but powerful approach to easily creating and promoting posts beyond their Facebook pages. Boosting Facebook posts through SRAX Social can be targeted at specific audiences by age, location, and interest, among other data points.

Through SRAX Social, data is aggregated across brands’ social media efforts, now, including boosted Facebook posts, delivering the ability to better manage, optimize and measure campaigns across social platforms.

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