Wyng Launches Digital Campaign Tools to Enable Campaign Scoring and Benchmarking

Digital campaign platform Wyng announced two products dedicated to providing agencies with technology tools and infrastructure for bringing innovative digital campaigns to life for their clients, with unrivaled pricing economics, and first-of-its-kind digital campaign scoring and benchmarking.

“The new Wyng for Agencies, coupled with the Digital Campaign Index, further equips our agency partners by establishing an industry standard for success, and democratizing campaign development and data infrastructure,” said Wendell Lansford, Co-Founder, Wyng. “Agency teams now have a purpose-built product suite, giving them more time to focus on compelling creative initiatives that drive results and growth.”

Wyng for Agencies

Wyng extends its existing digital campaign platform for building and hosting branded experiences with new exclusive tools for agencies designed specifically for how agencies do business. This agency-specific offering is informed by the company’s seven years of experience partnering with and supporting the work of hundreds of creative, marketing and PR agencies of all sizes.

Wyng for Agencies highlights:

Free Platform Subscription and Usage-Based Pricing: Agencies get complimentary platform access, and pay only for campaigns they run. Volume discounts are applied based on aggregated usage across agency, with no minimum campaign commitments.
Unlimited Agency Seats: Any number of employees can access the platform, extending Wyng benefits to all account, creative, technical and production teams.
Sandbox Environment: Agencies get a secure environment for internal campaign development, testing, collaboration with clients, demos, and new business pitches.
Campaign Explorer: Account and creative teams get access to a curated collection of live and historical digital campaigns, a new resource for fresh campaign ideas and inspiration.
Always-On Data: Integrated throughout the platform, Always-On Data includes audience retargeting, first-party data capture and integration, metrics, media attribution, as well as the Digital Campaign Index.

Shannon Palmer, Director of PR and Social Media at FKQ Advertising + Marketing, said, “The new Wyng for Agencies edition provides our teams with the ability to quickly prototype and bring custom campaigns to life. We can now gauge and optimize them in-flight because these campaigns are automatically instrumented and scored in real time.”

Digital Campaign Index (DCI)
The Digital Campaign Index is the only campaign scoring system and benchmarking framework that enables agencies and brands to apply the data-driven discipline of performance marketing to all of their mid-funnel brand marketing activities.

Informed by nearly 3 billion data points collected from hundreds of thousands of digital campaigns built with the Wyng platform, the Wyng DCI is the first to automate the process of scoring and benchmarking the performance of digital campaigns of all types — allowing marketers to answer, “Here’s what a successful campaign looks like.”

The Digital Campaign Index highlights:

Engagement and Virality Scores automatically distil underlying metrics into real-time scores. They measure how deeply consumers experience a campaign, and the reach and impact of sharing.
DCI Score combines engagement and virality into a single, executive-level performance indicator. This score gives marketers an apples-to-apples way to compare dissimilar campaigns, and assess the overall health and trajectory of their digital campaign strategy.
Real-Time Visualizations make it easy to gauge campaign performance, take action to improve results, and optimize media spend.

On a quarterly basis, Wyng will publish a Digital Campaign Index report with insights and benchmark data segmented by industry and campaign type. The report provides agencies and brands a valuable, independent frame of reference for assessing performance relative to building and nurturing audiences to cultivate purchase intent.

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