Brands Need to Step up Their Customer Service Game on Social Media: Jay Baer

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The Era Of Private Customer Service Is Over, says Jay Baer

While previously, customer service representatives handled complaints over the phone, in-person, or through email, the era of private customer service is over. Now, thousands of people can read reviews online and know how brands operate, and it’s easy for a single customer to permanently tarnish the reputation of a company and penalize them for their poor customer service skills. This makes it more important than ever for a brand to step up their customer service game, particularly in the most public arena: social media.

Jay Baer
Jay Baer

In this new webinar, Magnificent Marketing teams up with content marketing expert Jay Baer of Convince & Convert to present a new webinar on how to use social customer service to improve a business.

In the webinar, Magnificent and Baer cover the following topics:

  • The end of the face-to-face advantage
  • The importance of answers
  • The most valuable customers
  • Doing an “honesty” audit
  • Techniques for different types of complainers


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