Canvs Reveals Instagram API Integration and Redefines Emotion Analytics


Canvs reviews the feelings behind responses and comments on Instagram content to facilitate better publishing decisions

Canvs, a leading company offering language and emotion analytics solution, declared Instagram API integration. This integration would enable the company’s customer base spanning TV networks, brands and agencies, production companies and digital publishers to take informed decisions and actions based on people’s emotional responses to Instagram posts and content.

The company measures and contextualizes the hidden meaning behind different emojis, comments, and expressions. It considers multiple media formats like images, videos, branded content, and links. According to social science studies by Canvs, there is a direct affinity between the viewers’ emotional reactions and their engagement with future content.

Emotion Says It All

The brand new Emotional Tag Rate, a social content engagement metric by Canvs is all set to assess the amount and quality of enthusiast emotion for Facebook and Instagram page owners. This would let advertisers understand the in-depth results from customer engagement and brand perception.

According to Jared Feldman, CEO, and founder of Canvs, “Instagram analysis, in concert with our existing Twitter TV, Facebook and YouTube capabilities, is an essential next step in helping producers understand what’s resonating emotionally with consumers across social. Forming an emotional connection with your community across social is necessary, and using emotion-based insights to create an ongoing narrative that fans are invested in is imperative. This is the bread and butter of Canvs, understanding how people feel. That’s what we do.”

The Instagram API integration

The API integration simply complements the company’s social platform capabilities across Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The language and emotion analytics platform by Canvs, which is already being used by brands, media companies, and agencies, provides a metric to scrutinize content effectiveness. It offers guidelines for future production, programming, messaging and marketing initiatives with tailored content for each platform.

Apart from analyzing peoples’ feelings about individual posts, Canvs is capable of identifying the major trends around a particular brand’s Instagram page. It also interprets subjects and topics of conversation that attract maximum attention and expressions and analyzes the emotional traction around them.

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