CoSchedule Launches Tool to Craft Social Media Content

Coschedule Launches Tool to Craft Social Messages That Convert

Social Media Optimizer helps create engaging social posts that capture more eyeballs, build follower trust, and drive traffic that converts

CoSchedule, the content marketing editorial calendar solution, unveiled Social Message Optimizer, a new, free and instant online evaluation tool that enables marketers to craft engaging messages for every social media network.

Garret Moon, Founder, CoSchedule

Backed by 6,399,322 social messages and eleven 3rd party studies, the innovative service scores messages based on best practices and research-driven data. This takes the guesswork out of writing engaging posts on every social networking site.

Garrett Moon, CEO, and Co-Founder of CoSchedule said, “Every business, regardless of size, is desperately searching for the best ways to engage their followers. With the Social Message Optimizer, we had a unique opportunity to develop a first of its kind tool that not only provides marketers with an immediate benchmark but also reveals the mechanics behind the most engaging messages.”

It is similar to CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer that helps marketers optimize content titles to get more traffic, higher search rankings, and social shares.  The Headline Analyzer has helped improve nearly 8 million headlines since its launch in 2014.


Test, tweak and re-test content for every social media network

Every social media platform has a different messaging style and rules to optimize reach and engagement. These best practices are integrated into the tool for users to easily tweak messages to suit each social media platform. Three emojis, for instance, work on Instagram against 1 on twitter. While Facebook has better reach without hashtags, Twitter cannot do without it. It shows what is the best time and day for posting, the message’s sentiment (neutral or happy), and steps that could enhance such messages. Users can immediately test, tweak, and re-test content for every social media network.

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Coschedule Social Media Optimizer
Image Courtesy: CoSchedule
Serves as an Expert Social Media Consultant

It is always available to help A/B test content and enhances user shares before posting.  The company claims that the posts are backed by 100% real proprietary data that has been never seen before.

Improves engagement and reach
Jay Baer
Jay Baer, Digital Marketing & Online Customer Service Expert

The social media optimizer boosts engagement by optimizing messages as per each social network’s best practices. These messages are backed by data science to increase reach. Jay Baer, New York Times best-selling author and digital marketing celebrity, said, “The new CoSchedule Social Message Optimizer improves your social results with the power of science! Plus, it’s super easy to use, with or without a lab coat.”

Create Social Messages that stand out

Every day, over a billion new items of content are shared just on Facebook alone. With so much noise, it’s increasingly difficult for companies to garner their followers’ attention. As social networks become increasingly inundated, marketers are finding that customized messages, optimized for each channel, are the most effective way to ensure they capture more eyeballs, connect with their audience, and ultimately convert(make a purchase, comment, visit the website, etc.).

Touted as the #1 marketing calendar for marketing professionals, CoSchedule provides professional marketers with a centralized productivity platform to plan, promote, and execute their entire marketing strategy. Founded in 2013, the popular web-based application serves 7,000 customers worldwide.


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