Introducing Data Selfie, an AI-Powered Tool to Help You Hack into Your Own Facebook Data

Facebook is the most dominating platform that represents a huge opportunity for marketers to test their social media campaigns. Nearly every business has a Facebook identity to handle and to engage with customers. Despite the seemingly tough competition in the space, every marketer intends to build a social campaign that stands apart from the rest. The crucial factor that helps in achieving brand safety and reliable experience is Facebook data.

In 2017, you can finally collect all the Facebook data that is available, and utilize it to gain accurate insights on customer personality and behavior.  Introducing to you – Data Selfie, a free of cost browser extension that tracks your actions on Facebook and churns analytical data to define your user personality using machine learning algorithm. Made by DataX, this revolutionary open-source Chrome extension monitors every second of your Facebook interaction, defining patterns that can be developed into useful reports for user engagement.

via DataSelfie
via DataSelfie

As on February 2017, there are 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users. Proving too big to be ignored anymore from marketing POV, the latest “selfie” tool for user data applies Natural Language Processing capabilities to track every activity on Facebook – Likes, Shares, Comments, Clicks and the average number of chat windows opened per session. Data Selfie runs AI algorithms built by IBM Watson and the University of Cambridge to mine user’s data and turns it into a high-value business resource. The extension comes with a handy user-friendly dashboard that shows your combined Facebook activity in a chronological order, conveniently breaking them down using color coding to identify different aspects of your data usage.

Furthermore, the intuitive Data Selfie dashboard also provides relevant insight into how you have spent time on Facebook – both for friends and liked pages. It’s a powerful “self-data hacking” tool that uses predictive analytics to ascertain personal inclination towards trending items and events like your political affiliations, office gossip or even fitness goals!

via DataSelfie
via DataSelfie

The most fascinating part about hacking into your own Facebook data using Data Selfie is its independent storage capabilities. Every piece of data is stored internally in your machine, and not any external server.

Despite the limited span of Data Selfie on Facebook restricted to user’s own data, there is a tremendous scope in the near future. As CMOs go big on their budget to align social media marketing with other channels, Data Selfie could very well become the go-to AI data miner for Facebook in 2017.

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