HTAS: Latest Social Media Analytics System Based on Geospatial Technology

HTAS: A Social Media Analytics System Based on Geospatial Technology

Social media is turning into a harbinger of cutting-edge technology. New partnerships and acquisitions in technology industry have opened up new launching pads for marketers to dig deeper into data mining, predictive analytics and behavior forecasting. One such partnership is that of Luciad and Sc2 Corp. They will collaborate with IBM to produce a new social media intelligence system called Human Terrain Analysis System (HTAS). HTAS will monitor social media feed to detect any signs of potential conflict between brand and consumer sentiment.

Sc2 Corp collaborating with Luciad and IBM for HTAS to generate high-value insights based on social media analytics and intelligence reporting. Marketers can now analyze and navigate social terrain on real-time basis.

Social media’s evolution into a full-blown marketing platform has been incredibly swift and smooth. Currently, 2.39 billion users have significant social media presence; be it as an active consumer or as a passive audience. From marketing point of view, that’s a big enough number to realign business strategies. And that’s exactly what is happening with Luciad partnering Sc2 Corp.

HTAS via Sc2 Corp
HTAS via Sc2 Corp

Luciad is a leading geospatial software solutions provider to some of the most critical missions in the world. Its visual analytics platform based on real-time geo-location intelligence can unlock the potential of social media channels like never before. That’s where Sc2 Corp comes into the picture. Sc2Corp is known as a “creative builder” of social media commands centers, cognitive analytics and business intelligence systems.

Using HTAS, marketers can design customized social media intelligence and analytics frameworks capable of harvesting, analyzing and reporting global trends. Region, language and demography won’t be a barrier anymore for marketers to predict social trends. HTAS features Luciad’s powerful geospatial analytics applications and APIs for browser, desktop, server and mobile.

LuciadRIA (for browser), LuciadLightspeed (for desktop), LuciadFusion (for server) and LuciadMobile (for mobile) are integrated with IBM’s Pure Application Systems. This integration enables marketers to accurately analyze user sentiments based on their behavior, language and emojis. It will also help marketers identify relevant influencers based on Sc2’s high performance geospatial applications. Enterprises using HTAS can save significant cost of personnel, training and deployment. HTAC is capable of automatically extracting user-defined topics and enrich it with relevant supporting data.

Sc2, Luciad and IBM working on single social media intelligence solution highlights the role martech will play in 2017. HTAS encompasses the idea of reaching out the mass at a micro-granular level to create a coherent picture for intelligence or business analysts.

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