Nielsen’s Social Content Ratings Measures Total Social Impact of Organic and Owned TV Activity

Nielsen's Social Content Ratings Measures Total Social Impact of Organic and Owned TV Activity

Social Content Ratings (SCR) enhancement now provides analysis of talent accounts and audience influencers as they relate to the total program conversation

Nielsen, a digital marketing heavyweight, has announced the launch of enhanced capabilities within Social Content Ratings to support the analysis of owned and organic activity within the total social TV conversation. These advanced analytics bundle help to inform network media strategies by measuring the engagement with content posted by owned accounts associated with a program or network in addition to organic accounts from the general viewing audience.

Actionable Insights to Help Inform Brand Content Strategies

By breaking down total Social TV activity into owned and organic, networks will now be able to better understand the efficacy of their social strategies and pinpoint influencers among the general viewing audience. Similarly, agencies and advertisers will be able to leverage these actionable insights to help inform brand content strategies across social channels.

The Social Content Rating Measurement Process

Nielsen’s Social Content Rating captures social TV activity expansively for linear TV episodes daily, offering weekly insights on every social impact. Syndicated reporting is available for original programs from the most popular TV Networks and over-the-top streaming providers.

Nielsen's Social Content Ratings

The unique Nielsen process builds innovative definitions to measure TV activity for every original program. These new terms are defined based on official hashtags, organic hashtags, program names and handles, characters names, and talent names and handles, which are tracked selectively over time based on program air times.

“Networks are continuing to invest in social strategies to drive awareness and engagement around programs,” said Johann Dudley, Senior Vice President, Global Product, Nielsen Social.

Being able to provide both owned and organic analysis now gives clients and the industry a trusted source of syndicated measurement to understand the return on those investments and how they play a role in driving the overall social conversation about television.

Nielsen leverages a dynamic methodology to track TV conversations around the clock. This methodology employs over 50,000 unique programs, network, cast, team and athlete social accounts, and attributes their activity when relevant to provide precise syndicated measurement at scale.

Syndicated Measurement at Scale Within Total Social TV Measurement for TV and OTT

Nielsen accesses full-fidelity APIs from Twitter and is the only measurement provider with direct access to aggregate, anonymous program-related Facebook topic data in order to measure total social TV activity across social networks.

“We know that large social fan bases for OWN shows like ‘Greenleaf’ and ‘Queen Sugar’ help drive their success. With these advanced analytics, we can now optimize the content distributed on our social platforms and identify our most engaging content and handles, as well as key audience influencers,” said Harriet Seitler, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Nielsen's Social Content Ratings

In addition to the direct access to Facebook and Twitter, Nielsen delivers geo-bound TV data for each market, supported by certified audit processes. The metrics delivered by Nielsen Social Content Ratings are standardized to adhere to guidelines by Media Rating Council (MRC).

In addition to providing owned and organic analysis within total social TV measurement for TV networks and over-the-top (OTT) streaming providers, Social Content Ratings includes social TV advertising solutions and engagement tools to help TV networks, agencies and advertisers maximize the social impact of their cross-platform strategies.

The new owned and organic analytical capability within the current Neilsen Social Content Ratings platform will include Twitter data at launch with plans to incorporate Facebook and Instagram measurement at a later date. The enhancement is available in Australia, Italy, Mexico and the US.

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