Socialgist is Now a Part of YouTube’s New Measurement Program


Social Data Platform Collaborates With World’s Leading Online Video-Sharing Service, Youtube

Socialgist, a social media data pioneer and has been selected to launch the new YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP), along with four other companies. These companies are using YouTube API Services to gain data insights and have been certified by YouTube to help their clients measure and make informed decisions about the YouTube platform. Socialgist works with some of the world’s leading platforms including SINA Weibo, Reddit, Disqus and many others and supports some of the largest users of social media data in the world, including enterprise-class social media listening applications, business intelligence solutions, global brands, and agencies.

The added value will enable Socialgist to offer accurate, consistent and relevant YouTube measurement data to its clients. The company can also provide essential infrastructure services that enable their applications to extract additional intelligence from the billions of users on YouTube.

Global brands leverage YouTube’s platform for the unique opportunity to deeply analyze and engage with their audiences, which allows them to make connections in ways that are more focused and personal than traditional media solutions. Over one billion people consume YouTube content every month, and the platform is known for a particularly passionate user base that is eager to interact with all content creators in meaningful conversation.

Jon Oelman
Senior Vice President of Socialgist

According to Jon Oelman, Senior Vice President of Socialgist, “Being able to work with accurate and compliant YouTube data will enable Socialgist clients to build best in class analytics applications. Being chosen to kick off the YTMP is a clear signal that Socialgist is an undisputed leader in social data services. For the first time, we can offer a YouTube-certified solution to our customers, letting them easily leverage this amazing source.”

Selected member companies are enabled by YTMP to display their YTMP badge on their website and company reports as proof of official participation.

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