Synthesio Acquires Global Audience Insights Platform Social Karma to Expand Social Analytics Suite


By Acquiring Social Karma, Synthesio Will Expand Its Social Media Audience Insight Capabilities


Synthesio, the leading global Social Intelligence and Social Listening platform, has announced the acquisition of Social Karma, an audience insights and engagement analytics solutions provider. By adding Social Karma, Synthesio is placed well on course to build its global, industry leading Social Analytics suite. Social Karma’s solution will combine Synthesio’s deep social data to provide the strongest real-time capabilities to build audience personas, to provide audience insights and to offer new levels of owned channel analysis to Synthesio’s global users.

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Synthesio is the framework for building Social Intelligence that provides real business results. Whether an organization’s social team is built within marketing or crosses multiple departments, business units or geographies, Founded in 2006, Synthesio has offices in New York, Paris, London, Singapore, and Brussels.

Social Karma Team
Synthesio, the leading global Social Intelligence platform, acquired Belgium-based Social Karma, a leading audience insight and engagement analytics solution, and its entire team.

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Loic Moisand
Loic Moisand, CEO at Synthesio

Loic Moisand, CEO and Co-Founder of Synthesio, said, “From the moment we started Synthesio, our goal has always been, and continues to be, to create the best-in-class global Social Intelligence platform and experience for customers. This is why starting in January of this past year, we’ve been in the midst of an aggressive two-year acquisition strategy, as we work to build an industry leading global Social Insights and Analytics suite. With Social Karma, our customers will be able to build the most accurate audience personas using social data instead of traditional surveys, while also being able to receive incredible analysis on their owned channels as well. Synthesio will continue on its mission to transform customer experience methodologies from the analog era into scalable technologies of the digital era.”

Thierry Soubestre
Thierry Soubestre, CEO and Founder of Social Karma

Thierry Soubestre, CEO and Founder of Social Karma, said, “Social Karma was founded to help marketers and advertisers measure, compare and optimize their advertising and campaign performances on social networks. This is why becoming a part of Synthesio will help us reach this ultimate goal, as Synthesio’s industry leading and incredibly rich set of social data will allow our platform to provide insights that we have never before been able to access. We are so thrilled to be able to be a part of Synthesio’s acquisition plan, and we know that our customers are going to see an amazing new level of strategic insights and information that they have always dreamed of being able to access.”

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Social Karma

Social Karma is located in Brussels, and their entire organization will continue to operate from that office, which is now Synthesio’s newest global location.

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Social Karma will address many different use cases for Synthesio’s customers, such as:

– Social Media Performance

Social Karma’s Engagement Analytics solution offers actionable insights on all major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) for marketers to effectively improve their social strategy. This is particularly important for brands tracking campaigns through the Synthesio Platform – as they will now be able to merge results from both paid and earned initiatives to present a clearer picture of the success or failure of a campaign.

Audience Intelligence

Social Karma’s unique capability to analyze an unprecedented scope of data (demographics, media, brands, hobbies, activities, etc.) globally helps advertisers understand who are the people that really matter to a user.

Content Marketing 

Advertisers can make data-driven decisions to improve their content strategy. The data and strategic insights that are derived from Synthesio and Social Karma allow advertisers to build content that is relevant and useful for their audience.

Media Planning

Using the data from Social Karma, advertisers and marketers can make the right channel choices to deliver their message, instead of relying on outdated methods or data.

Synthesio was named the Global Leader by an independent analyst in two reports in Q1 2016 and an Editor’s Choice by PC Mag. It is a global Social Intelligence platform used by some of the world’s top brands, and the agencies that support them. Currently, Synthesio helps teams listen to and analyze consumer conversations across social and mainstream media within one platform.

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