Talkwalker’s Summer Travel Dashboard Reveals Traveler’s Social Sharing Habits

The calendar says that we are in the first days of the season, but summer travel is already ramping up for many Americans.

And nowhere is that more apparent than social media, where travelers are looking for tips on where to go, sharing travel plans and posting photos and videos of their adventures.

That’s why international social media analytics firm Talkwalker created a live dashboard to highlight travel trends in the United States this summer.

Since its launch on Memorial Day, the dashboard has measured nearly 80,000 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts related to summer travel by U.S. social media users with more than 22,000 of those posts over the past seven days.

Talkwalker Summer

Among the trends the dashboard is tracking:

Who is traveling?  Travelers from two to 102 are hitting the roads this year, but which travelers are more likely to share their experiences via social?  It’s no surprise that the 25-34 year-old demographic trends highest, but it may be a little surprising that the male/female breakdown tips slightly toward men.

Talkwalker Summer Travel

#Wanderlust Hashtags trending follow what we all believe to be important when posting about vacation – from #travel to #vacation and #summer.  But a peek at the overall hashtag use shows some trending in #nature, #explore, #adventure and #lifestyle, while an overall theme focused on travel photography brings out #instatravel, #picoftheday, #travelphotography, #instagram, #travelgram, #photography and #photooftheday.

Talkwalker Summer Travel

Route 66 and Beyond. Taking a summer road trip is a rite of passage for many, but where are those road warriors headed.  Well, outdoors of course, according to the themes trending around road trips and they will end up in a field, on a mountain, at a lake or on the beach.  Car interior is trending, but not everyone is using a car as transportation as evidenced here by bus, motorcycles and boats. And for the unlucky few (or lucky depending on your point of view), they are taking vacation on the couch, bed, chair or (ouch) a dining table.   And who are those people taking vacation in (or with) a bottle?

Talkwalker Summer Travel

Travel Campaigns that Work – Airbnb’s #LIVETHERE – More than a year since the launch of Airbnb’s Live There campaign, the company continues to reap the benefits.  The hashtag that encouraged travelers to photograph their Airbnb rental continues to be utilized, essentially providing Airbnb free brand promotion as well as advertising for their rentals worldwide. In fact, Live There continues to significantly outperform their subsequent campaign and motto Belong Anywhere, reaching nearly 687 million people in the last week alone.

Talkwalker Summer Travel

Talkwalker’s Summer Travel Dashboard is available through Labor Day. Talkwalker ( is one of the world’s leading social data intelligence companies. Its cutting edge technology provides actionable social media insights through real-time social listening and advanced social media analytics. Talkwalker helps marketers to prove the value of their social efforts and significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of business decision-making. Talkwalker’s state of the art social intelligence platform monitors and analyzes online conversations on social networks, news websites, blogs, forums and more, in over 187 languages. Its 1500 servers process posts from 150 million websites every day.

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