Disqus Rebalancing Strategy Includes Downsizing Staff, Expanding B2B Engagement

Disqus Rebalancing Strategy Includes Downsizing Staff, Expanding B2B Engagement

Disqus, the leading blog comment hosting platform, has revised its growth plans for the year 2017. The New Year will arrive with 11 people short on its roll. The downsizing means that company is now 20 percent lighter on personnel front. The sales and marketing teams will focus their efforts into data services for publishers and advertisers with a “rebalanced” approach.

Disqus was conceived in 2007 as a Y Combinator startup. In 2011, the company raised $10 million as funding from Union Square Ventures and North Bridge Venture Partners. Right from the start, Disqus had an early mover advantage in the business of providing a plug-in that assisted online publishers in managing comments on their stories. The downsizing follows the management’s decision to expand Disqus’ business into a new programmatic ad platform that is based on sponsored comments. This initiative will constitute anonymous data that will pass through the Disqus platform and will be seeing approximately 2 billion unique users.

Earlier in 2016, Disqus aimed for another method of traffic gain by re-launching its website. Its new website served as a central database of content and comments not only from websites where users followed and posted using Disqus IDs, but also from comments from Reddit-styled websites. It had to halt the earlier two initiatives and is now focusing on a B2B approach.

The company says it plans to reveal more information about its growth and expansion prospects in 2017 which includes new data services, and marketing technology. Disqus has used data largely and well in order to help grow its own business. It could use its data analytics services to provide publishers with more insight into consumer behavior, in the world of internet.

Despite being an early mover and a leader as an online commenting platform, Disqus has been facing stiff competition from Facebook, WordPress and Livefyre. Facebook was pretty aggressive in its move into the world of online comments. On the other hand, Livefyre owned by Adobe is also refocusing on newer business priorities.

With 2 billion unique monthly users and 17 billion monthly page views, the kind of engagement and comment platform Disqus provides remains unmatched. Therefore, the company seems to have realigned its strategy to focus on B2B audience engagement to drive higher ROI.

There are no comments from the management so far on the reinforcements and expansion plans to explore new business domains in 2017.

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