Synthesio Enhances Audience Analytics Through Social Data Capabilities To Create Stronger Analytics Suite

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Through Latest Integrations, Including Consumer Reviews Sites And Reddit, Synthesio Offers The Industry’s Strongest Leading Global Social Analytics Suite

Synthesio, the leading global Social Intelligence and Social Listening platform, announced today that it is strengthening its industry leading social data capabilities through key integrations and additions into the platform.

The offerings being added into the Synthesio platform today are a mix of functionality and expanded sources, all of which will add to the already strong pool of social data that Synthesio offers. The integrations include:

  • Consumer Review Sites: Synthesio added hundreds of new sources for consumer reviews across e-commerce, travel, business-to-business, cosmetics and more. This will help Synthesio users that rely on knowing what is being said on review sites, data that they weren’t able to fully access previously.
  • Reddit Firehose: Synthesio is an official Reddit firehose partner, which offers Synthesio exclusive access to over 100,000 regularly updated subreddits. This will allow Synthesio users to scale their crawling to reach passionate communities on one of the top destinations on the internet.
  • Twitter Access: Synthesio secured the highest level of access to Twitter engagement, audience and follower graph data, which will create new offerings for Synthesio’s interactions, media value and audience segmentation widgets.
  • Image Recognition: Synthesio updated its best-in-class logo recognition throughout multiple social platforms, using Netra on the back-end of Synthesio’s platform.
Loic Moisand, CEO and Co-Founder of Synthesio

“Synthesio’s customers are always looking for more information about their audience, and we are thrilled to be able to give them more of the data that they are looking for. Consumer review sites are crucial to consumer-facing businesses who rely on reviews on sites like Amazon, the Apple Store, OpenTable, Google Play, Glassdoor and, among many others. Our customers need to know what is being said on these sites, and we are so excited to give it to them. On top of this, we also upgraded our Reddit and Twitter offerings, where we will now have the highest level of access to audience data integrated into our platform. All of this data will be crucial for our customers to understand who it is that they are targeting, and what these people care about,” explained Loic Moisand, CEO and Co-Founder of Synthesio.

The addition of consumer reviews from sites like Amazon, Glassdoor, and G2 Crowd will provide unprecedented audience analysis and information for Synthesio customers to better understand their consumers, and build more strategic and insightful campaigns. In addition to the integration of additional data sources, Synthesio also upgraded its image recognition capabilities, powered on the backend through Netra, by providing the most powerful image recognition available in the industry.
Thibault Hanin

“Synthesio’s image recognition capabilities now include the Best-in-class logo recognition that drives two times more Twitter and Instagram volume than ever before, as well as a higher level of accuracy, than our competition. Our new image recognition capabilities include thousands of logos that are already available for immediate activation across all Social Intelligence use cases. We also offer our customers custom sourcing of image recognition in Pinterest, Facebook and Flickr, allowing them the most flexible data offerings available in the industry,” said Thibault Hanin, CTO and Co-Founder of Synthesio.

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