Liveplex Launches Web 3.0 Ecosystem for Loyalty and Rewards

A specialized platform for Loyalty 3.0

Liveplex announced the launch of Liveplex Karma, a library of plugins for companies to take their Loyalty and Rewards ecosystem into Web3.0.

With the Liveplex platform powering their blockchain strategy, brands that leverage loyalty and rewards can now shape their community with the input and ownership of their members.

Liveplex delivers new Web3 capabilities centered around ownership, interoperability, and value portability.

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“Liveplex Karma provides user authentication into a decentralized peer-to-peer network on the blockchain with the ability for a consumer to have undisputed ownership over a wallet’s underlying tokens,” says Arunabh Das Sharma, CEO of Liveplex

“The interoperable nature of tokens makes it easy to redeem them for physical goods or be traded for digital items or even used to buy digital enhancements in games/metaverse. Tokens can also provide access to real-world or digital events, ” says Mira Kaul, CVO Liveplex. “As the popularity of the program grows, the token value grows as well, allowing consumers to have a stake in the success of the community.”

Adds Sharma, “Leveraging the integration with Liveplex Karma, the universe for the value of customer rewards expands dramatically for the consumer, enabling digital security and increasingly easy experiences. Liveplex Karma catalyzes community-building arsenal for brands and a way to extend reach and presence further.”

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With Liveplex Karma, brands will have more power to influence consumer behavior, and consumers will be able to capture the value they truly own and use it to enhance their experience with the brand. This product will also allow for authentic first-party data capture, one of the most valuable tools to today’s everchanging marketing strategies.

Liveplex integrates multi-channel interaction with immersive participation and participatory incentivization to create an innovative web 3.0 ecosystem for brands on the blockchain.

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