eZanga Leverages IBM Cloud to Combat Ad Fraud and Bot Traffic


IBM Watson APIs

eZanga is exploring new ways with IBM Watson APIs to increase brand safety for customers. The partnership would help them stay a step ahead of ad fraud. The “viewability” of online advertisements remains a major pain point for most digital brands. One of the most malignant forms of ad fraud involves bots that impersonate publishers and   eat intothe profitability of advertising budgets. The growing issue of ad fraud and bot traffic continue to hinder advertisers in deriving maximum ROI from their programmatic strategies. According to a recent report by AdLoox, commissioned by The&Partnership and m/SIX, if advertising expenditure grows to $80 billion in 2017, as forecast by eMarketer, and advertising fraud continues to evolve at its current rate, the real cost of ad fraud may rise to $16.4 billion.

The report also states that the real cost of ad fraud has largely been under-reported. This presents a stark reminder to brands about investing in better preventive technologies to ensure protection against compromised ad space.

eZanga, the maker of Anura, offers a simple solution to fight against the growing complexities of ad fraud without compromising on advertising budgets. Focused on delivering simplified solutions to identify real or fake users (fake users being bots or human ad fraud) to anticipate attacks before they happen, eZanga is driving innovations in this sector, using
IBM Cloud.


Anura and IBM Cloud Bring Ad-Fraud Combating Technology to Life

In April, eZanga unveiled Anura to combat fraudulent ad traffic using real-time analysis of user behavior. The tool hunts down bots and analyses traffic by identifying real people and enhancing conversion rates. This allows advertisers to focus on the actual number of humans exposed to the ads and content, by validating the user, and the source they come from .

Interview with Rich Kahn, CEO at eZanga

Rich Kahn
Rich Kahn, CEO at eZanga

In an interview to MTS, Richard Kahn, CEO at eZanga had said, “The core engine of Anura has been used for the past 12 years and we’ve had clients ask to use the technology for their campaign buys. At first, we didn’t think that was a good business model because we wanted clients buying our traffic. However, in the last few years, we’ve seen other solutions start to pop up that offered similar technology so we did a test of Anura against our competition.”

MTS: How does eZanga utilize IBM Watson to reduce ad fraud and protect brands from bot attacks? What is the correlation between bot traffic and ad fraud metrics?

Rich Kahn: We use IBM Watson to further help with the analytics process by taking advantage of Watson’s ability to analyze unstructured data. With IBM Bluemix, we host our software on their bare metal servers as we like to take advantage of fully controlling the servers. We are also working with IBM cloud infrastructure for additional aspects of our infrastructure needs.

Bot traffic is just one form of ad fraud, while ad fraud metrics cover all kinds of fraud including malware, human fraud, lead fraud, call fraud, etc.

MTS: How do you see bot traffic clashing with programmatic results? Do bots negatively affect the programmatic ROI?

Rich Kahn:  Programmatic is software designed to automate campaign performance improvements.  However, it can be tricked through carefully crafted bots, which can cause programmatic optimizations to occur around bot traffic as opposed to true performance. Using a tool, like Anura, to remove the fraud before programmatic kicks in will give programmatic optimizations better results because you’ll be optimizing around true performance and increase your ROI.

Self-service Ad Management Platform on IBM Cloud

eZanga hosts Anura on IBM Bluemix for a flexible, agile server infrastructure. Together with IBM Cloud, eZanga is ensuring that real humans, not bots, are clicking the ads that companies serve them. Currently, eZanga is driven by the mission to help advertisers investigate the real analytics behind their ad traffic and stop bots before they attack brands.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to combat against ad fraud and bot traffic

Rich said, “AI is like a new drill; it’s one of the tools that can help get the job done. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are new tools that are part of the set of tools that will help companies like ours continue the fight against ad fraud.”

eZanga is challenging fraudulent traffic and protect advertisers’ budgets by differentiating between click fraud, bot traffic and consumer privacy. eZanga’s AdPad is an advanced analytics tool that can become the “ad center” for all advertising campaigns. The ad center enables customers to create, manage and enhance ad campaigns on a centralized, self-service platform on the IBM Cloud.

Rich added, “IBM Bluemix knows the massive undertaking of new technologies we’ve released with Anura, and our future roadmap, and has been a phenomenal asset in the development of the correct tools and resources within IBM to scale quickly and easily. I’ve never seen a company bend over backward to help us get this product out as fast as they have.”

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