Integral Ad Science Introduces New IAS Viewability, Brand Safety, and IVT Optimization Solution

Integral Ad Science

Bonnier, Business Insider, PopSugar, Purch and Refinery29 are Among the First to Adopt Technology offered by Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science (IAS), a measurement and analytics company that empowers the advertising industry, has announced the industry-first optimization solution for publishers to maximize the yield on their inventory, reduce impression waste, and streamline workflow with an automated, real-time platform. Publishers would now have access to new data sets to fight pressing issues such as viewability, brand safety, and ad fraud and deliver better results for their customers.

Sergei Izrailev, SVP of Data Science at IAS, said, “Because our code runs on a page before an ad is sold, we can send signals about the ads on the page to our AI engine and make accurate predictions in real-time. Generating real-time predictions at a high volume is no small feat. Automating this process is even more challenging – this product wouldn’t exist without the talent of our top-notch data science and engineering teams.

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Evolving Advertiser Expectations are a Challenge for Publishers

With the advertising ecosystem calling for transparency, publishers are under increasing pressure to deliver quality inventory that meets the advertiser’s expectations. According to eMarketer, 69% of publishers are concerned about viewability and the growing pressure to not charge for unviewed ads, which directly impacts their revenue streams.

eMarketer IAS

Dave Marquard, VP of Product Management at IAS, said,“Brands and agencies continue to call upon publishers to respond to challenges in the industry around viewability, brand safety, and fraud. With our publisher optimization solution, publishers are empowered with the data and tools that were typically made available to advertisers only. This visibility allows publishers to analyze data that eliminates waste for the entire industry.”

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Benefits of the IAS Publisher Optimization Tool

Building on the publisher verification tool – which reports on media quality metrics – IAS’s offering has continued to evolve and scale to meet the growing needs ofpublishers. The solution enables publishers to:

  • Prevent over-delivery and impression waste on viewability campaigns
  • Customize viewability, brand safety, and IVT goals based on specific advertiser requirements
  • Streamline workflow through real-time automated optimization and ad delivery
  • Automate the creation of highly viewable, brand safe, and fraud-free Private Marketplace (PMP) deals for programmatic buyers
  • Monitor and sequester fraudulent activity across devices

Bonnier, Business Insider, PopSugar, Purch, and Refinery29 Find Success

Sean Holzman, Chief Digital Revenue Officer at Bonnier, said, “The industry is losing a substantial amount of revenue when we transact on custom brand safety and viewability needs due to significant over-delivery.  IAS’s optimization tool automates this process and allows us to leverage deep data and painlessly eliminate impression waste and achieve advertiser goals.”

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Marc Boswell, SVP, Sales Operations and Client Services, at Business Insider, said, “IAS has taken a huge step forward in finding common ground with measurement and verification between the demand side and the supply side. With Publisher Optimization, publishers finally have a real-time solution that helps deliver verified inventory to their clients. We’ve been able to significantly improve campaign yield, drastically reduce impression waste, and eliminate IVT as a result.”

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Michael Hannon, VP, Yield and Revenue Optimization at Purch, said,”Purch is committed to delivering safe and transparent experiences to our clients. We have been extremely vigilant in the fight against IVT, and our partnership with IAS not only validates the overall quality of our inventory, they’ve also helped us drive better results via their Publisher Optimization tool. IAS has positioned themselves as the industry leader with this solution.”

Dennis Ritell, Director, Advertising Operations at PopSugar, said, “As a premium publisher with virtually all traffic from organic sources, we have been able to reduce IVT for our ad campaigns by leveraging IAS Publisher Optimization. IAS has developed a tool that empowers publishers and increases transparency, which benefits all parties. We see this as a step forward for the industry.”

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Lauren Curtis, Director, Ad Operations and Ad Tech at Refinery29, said, “Our advertisers demand highly viewable, IVT free, and brand safe inventory. IAS’s publisher optimization solution allows us to meet all of these requirements. We’ve been able to achieve custom standards, including GroupM viewability, without wasting inventory. This solution makes it easier for publishers to meet advertiser KPIs, and increase revenue by utilizing automation.”

Leveraging Data Science and Machine Learning for Immediate Results

Publisher Optimization is powered by IAS’s proprietary AI technology that provides intelligence with high throughput and low latency. This platform encompasses continuously trained, tested, and deployed machine learning models and leverages a state-of-the-art technology stack and specialized algorithms.

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