Janrain Integrates Fraud Score into Customer Identity and Access Management

Janrain Integrates Fraud Detection Score into its CIAM Solution

Fraud Score adds an early warning to brands on a potential theft as and when fraudsters access their digital properties 

Janrain has integrated a fraud detection score into its industry-leading Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution. This marks yet another important industry-first from Janrain.

“The tremendous volume of data consumers generate online represents a golden opportunity for consumer-facing organizations to truly get to know their customers, but it’s also the responsibility of these businesses to protect this data. Only with Janrain can brands get an extra layer of protection embedded into a complete CIAM solution that detects potentially malicious activity before it harms customers and their reputations,” said, Marla Hay, Director of Product at Janrain.

Janrain Fraud Score Runs a Background Check Using the User’s  Phone Number

As fraud techniques get more sophisticated, it calls for tools to detect them on time. Janrain Fraud Score warns brands early on of potential theft as and when fraudsters access their digital properties.  When a new user registers on a company’s website or app using a phone number, Janrain runs a background check. It detects whether the identity associated with that number is involved in any wrong online behavior like logging into a site a hundred times.

Janrain Fraud Score
Janrain Fraud Score- Infographic

Assigns a High Risk/Low-Risk Fraud Score to New Users

With the help of phone number intelligence, AI-based web traffic pattern analysis and extensive data picked from global information services, Janrain Fraud Score assigns a reputation score to a new user account. A high-risk score alerts the brand about the customer identities that are a high risk for potential fraud.

Too often, illicit activity is discovered only after a customer brings it to notice. This leads to brands losing profits and customer trust. That is not the case when Janrain Fraud Score is deployed as it detects the fraud before time.

Brands are increasingly turning to identity management solutions to collect and analyze the consumer data accumulated through online and mobile purchases, loyalty programs and engagement efforts.

Replaces Time-Consuming and Costly Assessments, Audits, and  Manual Control Systems

Last year, the Identity Theft Resource Center logged more than 1,000 breaches in the United States alone. That is a 40% increase over the previous year. Fraud detection is mostly reliant on time-consuming and resource intensive methods like assessments and audits, manual control systems and database monitoring.

Founded in 2002, Janrain pioneered Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). It is also the market leader in privacy by design for consumer identity data and the first to integrate fraud detection in a CIAM solution.

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