Chocolate by Vdopia launches BYOD functionality to help Publishers optimize ad revenue


Chocolate SSP Enables The Addition Of Any New Demand Sources Beyond Bundled Ad Networks That Come With Their Mediation SDK

Vdopia, a global leader in mobile video advertising, announced the launch of BYOD (Bring Your Own Demand) functionality to its Chocolate SSP. BYOD allows publishers & app developers to add any new demand sources of their choice beyond bundled ad networks that come with the Chocolate Mediation SDK and have all demand sources compete with each other in a universal auction.

Publishers and App developers using the Chocolate Mediation SDK can unlock the true potential of their mobile inventory by incrementally increasing competition for their video ad inventory. By opting to bring new demand sources under one universal auction model, publishers & app developers can have their inventory compete against SDK demand, maximizing revenue opportunities. Flexible integration options enable app developers & publishers to add new demand sources effortlessly through a single-step integration using VAST or VPAID tags. In addition, BYOD supports advanced filters like QPS, device, geo, and platform type. BYOD promises additional business revenue for app developers & publishers by opening up competition to ad networks that do not provide a SDK solution. BYOD also enables app developers to gain access to new video demand without bloating their app with another SDK integration.

“The ability to bring all demand sources – SDK and beyond – under one universal auction model significantly maximizes the eCPMs and fill rates for publishers and app developers,” says Saurabh Bhatia, CEO, Chocolate by Vdopia. “The addition of new demand sources will give developers new access to bring the highest value video ad brand dollars through our platform, helping them monetize their inventory more efficiently.”

Chocolate SSP is an end-to-end mediation platform that creates sustainable business revenues with industry leading CPMs and Fill Rates. The platform offers universal auction technology, combined with unified reporting, single-point billing, MOAT viewability reporting, branded video demand and support for all major video ad formats & ad networks.

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