Fyber RTB Reaches Key Milestone, Achieves Outstanding Ads.txt Adoption

Fyber RTB Reaches Key Milestone, Achieves Outstanding Ads.txt Adoption

This Initiative Is in Line with the Recent Industry Trends Calling for a Cleaning up of the Ecosystem

As a continuation of Fyber’s ‘Keeping it Clean‘ group-level initiative, Fyber RTB, a leading video supply-side platform and RTB exchange, and a subsidiary of Fyber N.V., has taken serious actions to improve the quality of its marketplace with the aim to become the cleanest supply-facing video platform on the market. This initiative is in line with the recent industry trends calling for a cleaning up of the ecosystem.

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At the beginning of Q3, the Fyber RTB team appointed dedicated resources to roll out its inventory qualification project across all publishers in an effort to make the platform fully transparent.

Ross Barasch
Ross Barasch

“Every single ad request going through our platform is qualified. We have been routinely excluding and removing non-direct traffic sources from the marketplace. It’s a significant milestone now that we’ve decreased the non-direct traffic sources to zero. As a result, we’re now sending our demand partners 100% direct traffic,” said Ross Barasch, VP Demand at Fyber RTB. “In addition, we’ve decided to bring our ads.txt adoption strategy to the next level. We keep dedicating efforts to educate our partners about IAB’s initiative and took an active role in the implementation process. By now, 60% of our top 1000 ads.txt enabled domains have Fyber added to their ads.txt file.”

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Besides qualifying and filtering the supply going through the platform, Fyber also wanted to enable its demand partners to have control over the inventory they receive. New enhancements were made to the recently launched demand-facing user interface so that demand partners can request to have their configurations updated to only receive inventory from publishers with which Fyber is listed as an approved reseller.

“Since the launch of ‘Keeping it Clean’ we saw a 60% increase in video traffic execution rate and a 100x increase in bid rates. Hopefully, others will follow suit so that clean and transparent traffic is the norm in our industry,” added Barasch.

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