AcuityAds Enhances Strategic Partnership with Fraudlogix to Expand Protective Measures and Increase ROI for Brands

AcuityAds Enhances Strategic Partnership with Fraudlogix to Expand Protective Measures and Increase ROI for Brands

AcuityAds + Fraudlogix

AcuityAds, a technology leader that enables advertisers to connect intelligently with audiences across video, mobile, social and online display advertising campaigns has announced that it has enhanced its partnership with digital fraud prevention expert Fraudlogix. The new partnership deal will offer marketers a more robust solution for combatting ad fraud and low-quality traffic, which is essential in today’s advertising climate.

“Without a fully integrated fraud protection solution, advertising technology platforms are leaving their marketers’ dollars open to attack.”

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“Ad fraud continues to be a major area of concern for digital marketers worldwide,” said Dr. Nathan Mekuz, Chief Technology Officer at AcuityAds.

The presence of fraudulent traffic is unavoidable and can be highly detrimental to digital marketing programs and advertising technology providers must work together with strategic partners to combat fraud.  This not only drives advertising campaign value and an increased return on investment for brands but also promotes a stronger and more sustainable digital advertising marketplace.

Integrating the Fraudlogix solution directly into our programmatic marketing platform is an example of how we’ve added another important layer of security to enhance our digital advertising offer, which is focused on delivering transparency and performance for our clients.” – Dr. Nathan Mekuz, Chief Technology Officer at AcuityAds

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The AcuityAds Ultra-Intuitive, Self-Serve programmatic platform leverages technology and strategic partnerships, like the one it has with Fraudlogix, to protect advertisers from fraud by:

  • Using an industry-leading data refresh rate of one minute to screen out fraudulent traffic in the real-time bidding process.
  • Filtering out suspicious IP addresses, those likely to be generating fraudulent traffic through bots, click farms, data centers, and other fraud culprits, in the pre-bid environment.
  • Scoring traffic, domains, and sources based on their quality (i.e., the level of fraudulent traffic, viewability, the presence of domain (URL) masking and brand safety).
  • Providing the option to employ and maintain black and white lists of publishers and sellers for campaign execution.
  • Giving access to a variety of ad verification tools that can be used throughout campaign flight or post-campaign to monitor for the presence of ad fraud.

The advertising technology industry and its vendors need to continue to partner in developing new solutions and measures to prevent and eliminate fraudulent traffic, inventory and sources.  AcuityAds recognizes its clients rely on the technology to provide a secure environment for their digital advertising initiatives and, as such, believes it is necessary to approach the problem from all angles.

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“We block approximately 27 percent of all digital inventory that our platform could consider because it is identified as fraudulent or otherwise low quality. This is made possible by a combination of built-in fraud protection measures, a fully integrated solution from Fraudlogix, and data from other fraud protection vendors,” continued Dr. Mekuz.

AcuityAds is a technology company that enables marketers to connect intelligently with their most meaningful audiences through digital media. A Self-Serve programmatic marketing platform, powered by proprietary machine learning technology, is at the core of its business, accompanied by a patented solution for mobile targeting that leverages social data. AcuityAds empowers marketers by offering transparency on costs and brand safety, and real-time reporting and analytics, bringing accountability to programmatic advertising to deliver business results.

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