Now Place Auto-Play Targeted Ads on Amazon Using the Newly-Introduced Amazon Video Ads (AVA)


Amazon Video Ads
Amazon Video Ads

Amazon, the leading cloud computing and e-commerce marketing company rolled out the latest ad tech platform, branded as Amazon Video Ads (AVA). Advertisers working with the Amazon Media Group can now directly place video ads using AVA, which is labeled as the go-to video ad platform for advertisers focusing on e-commerce clients.

AVA is laced with many useful features, including auto-pay and default mute, enabling advertisers to showcase extensively customized video ads for the web, mobile, social and Internet TV formats. AVA allows advertisers to place curated campaigns across all smart devices, connecting brands to Amazon customers wherever they share, read, listen, purchase and download online resources.

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AVA integrates with Amazon’s performance-based media platforms, including Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Dynamic eCommerce Ads. Using AVA, video advertisers will be able to tie upper funnel media investment directly into lower funnel sales activation.

Amazon Video Ads has been introduced as a unique ad technology that allows advertisers to place targeted video ads on Amazon website and mobile apps, combining brand messages and out-steam auto-play video ads for a disruption-free customer experience.  Built to meet the growing demands for Mobile-first video ad tech platform, AVA has been ingeniously developed by Amazon engineers and meets all the guidelines of the Media Rating Council and Interactive Advertising Bureau. Currently, AVA is not available in off-site placement.

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According to the company sources, Amazon Video Ads will automatically play a ‘muted’ preview of the video ad for one-second. The 1-second preview will be 50% visible on the screen, which can be paused or scrolled out of the view, as per user’s experience. Audio playback requires user action, to turn muted video ad into an audible streaming.

For advertisers, AVA will support short video clips that are not more than 15 seconds long and delivers the core of the message within the first 5 seconds of auto-play. Advertisers can choose a video player of any size depending on the size of the ad placement.

Regarding AVA Reporting, advertisers can determine the standard ad reporting metrics – impressions, clicks, and campaign ROI, based on starts, pause, video completion and audio play effectiveness. As per the IAB standards, one AVA view is complete when the video ad plays in its 50% screen rendition for at least two seconds.

According to video ad tech experts, Amazon Video Ads may not miss too much by not offering off-site placements as it already running Google Shopping Ads. The 5-second experience is something every advertiser would like to monetize and leverage, as it significantly lowers the cost of building and running longer video campaigns.

AVA is currently offered to advertisers in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Germany. It will be offered as an extended service through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By bringing out AVA, Amazon reaffirms its reputation as the undisputed market leader in global digital sales for e-commerce market. As users increasingly rely on Amazon for product information, leveraging AVA for customer engagement could swing ‘search’ market leadership in Amazon’s favor. As WPP CEO Martin Sorrell puts it— “We’re probably going to witness a significant battle between Amazon and Google over search.”

Amazon’s AVA comes less than a year after it announced Amazon Video Direct (AVD) as part of Prime Video.  Amazon, by adding AVA, truly becomes the “numero uno” in unique content-creating option for video advertisers.

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