Beachfront Media Data Proves Massive Uptick in Connected TV Usage, Strong Advertiser Metrics


OTT No Longer Limited To Just Netflix And Hulu, According to New Data Published By Beachfront Media

Beachfront Media, the video SSP leader in cross-screen video advertising, has released analytics on Connected TV inventory, showing tremendous growth in the mid-tail of video publishers across Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Roku devices.

Frank Sinton
Frank Sinton

Frank Sinton, CEO and Founder of Beachfront Media, said, “Our stats show that the long tail is still alive and well on Connected TV devices, with overall inventory rising quickly from great apps like WatchMojo to TED TV to Crunchyroll. The video advertising-supported ecosystem on Connected TV is seeing explosive growth and is only poised for further growth as video publishers continue to invest in content on these platforms.”

According to the study, Connected TV video ads were delivering 97% completion rates, with viewability being a non-issue. Recent trends have shown a three times increase in fill rates, though those can continue to grow compared to the higher numbers on desktop. Measured CPMs were also three times higher on Connected TV than mobile advertising.

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Beachfront also saw a close correlation between mobile video advertising and Connected TV advertising, as both are based on a lot of the same platforms:

  • tvOS for Apple TV is a close derivative of iOS for iPhone and iPads
  • Fire TV and Android TV are both respectively based on the Android operating system
  • Roku has their own development platform, but it bears many similarities to mobile with their Roku ID

Frank added, “Beachfront has been an early adopter of Connected TV video advertising, and a leader in the space since 2015. The trends we’re seeing indicate even more growth in the sector now, as publishers push videos directly to these devices and audiences continue to crave it. Inventory is on a constant upward trajectory which should only continue to balloon with publisher pivots to more video-centric content models.”

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Overall, Beachfront observed a cumulative increase to over 2 billion requests in Q3 of 2017 — or over 600 million video views per month on Connected TV devices.

This large-scale growth (2017 has shown a 30% jump in the US alone) is due to increased adoption of Connected TVs. This also proves that Connected TV content consumption is not limited to streaming options from Netflix or Hulu, but now includes multiple media sources.

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