IDenTV Unveils JUICER, World’s First Video Search Engine for Broadcasters Based on Artificial Intelligence

IDenTV Unveils JUICER, World's First Video Search Engine for Broadcasters Based on Artificial Intelligence

IDenTV, the leading artificial intelligence-based video marketing solutions provider, today announced the launch JUICER. JUICER is world’s first AI-driven Video Search Engine for broadcasters. By adding the new search engine for video assets, IDenTV catapults Video Analytics as a Service into a proprietary 24/7 indexing platform that covers more than 30 TV and video broadcasting channels in real time.


With a superlative proliferation of digital video in the world of advertising, brands are in dire need for real-time instant access to data to ensure their ads are running and reaching their intended audience. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms make it possible for brands to have round-the-clock monitoring of video streaming platforms, helping them maximize ROI opportunities.

With AI/ML at the core of JUICER, brands adopting the video search engine will become more agile and stronger in adjusting their cross-channel video marketing campaigns.

IDenTV launched JUICER ahead of the National Association of Broadcasting (NAB) conference. Seen as a major breakthrough in automated indexing and search of vast amounts of video for broadcasting and television, JUICER is expected to benefit the video marketing industry that is increasingly struggling to keep up in analyzing audio-visual content.

IDENTV Analytics for Video Search
IDenTV Analytics for Video Search

“The colossal explosion of offline and online video content globally means that visual data is entering the Zettabyte Era (1 Zettabyte=1 trillion gigabytes).  Text-based analytics solutions for video are increasingly becoming obsolete,” points out Mohammad Shihadah, Chairman and CEO of IDenTV.

The core problem in exploiting visual data is a combination of the extremely large amounts that are produced daily and the time it takes to analyze these high-quality files, by either humans or computers. 

JUICER, a video search engine powered by artificial intelligence, is part of the company’s Intelligent Video Platform (IVP), which contains a powerful suite of content recognition technologies.  Using computer vision and machine learning, the IVP can recognize any face, any object, or any brand or logo, and can even detect the context of an activity on a scene, such as a sports match.  Users can search and access video elements instantaneously and retrieve powerful metadata.

IDenTV monitors and indexes thousands of ads in real-time offered through its Video Analysis Service for TV and cable networks, and other large media and entertainment companies.

“Broadcasters and advertisers are facing a moment of truth.  Either they find a way to analyze video in a consistently intelligent, comprehensive and scalable way, or nimbler players will simply leapfrog them by having a much deeper understanding of their video archives,” added Shihadah.

IDenTV was recently selected as one of the Top 5 Artificial Intelligence companies in the DC area. The company essentially leverages AI/ML to transform the way the world searches and exploits massive video and is already recognized as an emerging leader in a rapidly growing market space.

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