Linius Collaborates with IBM to Promote Its Video Virtualization Engine

Linius Collaborates with IBM to Promote Its Video Virtualization Engine

Linius Video Virtualization Engine will be promoted across all four of its target market sectors as an integrated offering with IBM Products

Linius Technologies, a video technology software company, has commenced a partnership project with IBM to promote and sell its patented Linius Video Virtualization Engine (Linius VVE) to IBM’s extensive network of corporate clients and beyond.  Linius VVE will be built and offered on IBM’s cloud platform, Bluemix. The collaboration project, between its parent company Linius Solutions and IBM, includes virtualization hosted on the IBM Cloud, personalized advertising, anti-piracy, security, and surveillance.

Anthone Withers, Head of Software as a Service, IBM Australia, and New Zealand, remarked, “I feel Linius could be a game-changer in the world of video, from personalized advertising to search and security.  We’re now actively working with them to identify and market the technology to target customers.”

Linius has been accepted as an IBM Business Partner in PartnerWorld, an IBM channel program. The agreement includes submission of proposals for selling the Linius VVE to targeted customers as a stand-alone or integrated offering with IBM products. They will jointly promote and advertise video virtualization engine across all four Linius’ target market sectors.

Chris Richardson, CEO, Linius, said that the company saw the relationship with IBM as a validation of its technology and commercialization plan. 

“IBM has existing relationships with the who’s who on our potential client target list. The Bluemix APIs offer a flexible development platform and additional functionality such as video search and block chain. It enhances our capabilities to meet the needs of our vertical markets,” Richardson added.

The video is estimated to represent 80% of internet traffic, consisting of huge data files which are cumbersome and static. Linius’ VVE converts such videos into interactive, virtual videos by exposing the internal data, which is similar to Big Data’s virtualization of text. This helps businesses to quickly add, connect, and merge videos, whenever needed. For example, a cable TV company will be able to deliver personalized TV ads, while a search company could, in turn, deliver hyper-personalized video search from within videos.

The Melbourne-based Linius plans to expand further in the US and Europe. Its four major target industries include copyright protection, personalized ad for TV, internet search, and security and defense.

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