New Extreme Reach Research Reveals Major Inefficiencies in Video Ad Operations

New Extreme Reach Research Reveals Major Inefficiencies in Video Ad Operations

Study from Extreme Reach Finds 70% of Ad Ops Specialists Wish to Reinvent Daily Workflow

Extreme Reach, the cloud technology platform for TV & Video ad workflow and Talent & Rights management, today released initial insights from a new study exploring the most common pain points faced by ad ops teams. Based on a survey of 150 advertising industry professionals working in digital video campaign activation, the research has found that 70% of those on the front lines would reinvent the process of video campaign activation from scratch if given the opportunity.

This study was conducted by Advertiser Perceptions™ in September and October of 2017 through a quantitative online survey. All respondents are directly involved in digital video campaign activation.

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The study uncovers surprising indications of common issues that plague the industry due to the manual nature of digital video activation.

  • 58% of those on the front lines of campaign activation see mistakes are likely to happen
  • 55% have experienced delays in the start of video ad campaigns in the past year
  • 49% report problems with ads not being formatted correctly

Major pain points for front-line ad ops specialists are reported as follows–

  • Insufficient lead time, 51%
  • Lack of clarity from publishers about required ad specs, 42%
  • Tracking down creative for all screens and devices, 35%
  • Inconsistent standards and formats, 30%

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Melinda McLaughlin, CMO of Extreme Reach, said, “These findings validate what we’ve been hearing from our customers for years. Advertising professionals are some of the most creative and inspired people I have had the opportunity to work with, and yet too much of their day to day is spent dealing with mundane issues that could be easily solved through smarter processes.”

The largest consensus pulled from the study found that 71% of the respondents felt that the increasingly programmatic and fragmented advertising landscape made the issue of how creative is currently sourced more urgent than ever. Another 69% said that improving digital video campaign activation workflow would have a real impact on client-agency relationships.

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Currently, Extreme Reach offers the only enterprise technology designed distinctly to bring together the TV and Video ad workflow and all aspects of Talent & Rights management in a single, easy-to-use cloud platform.


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