NPAW Improves Ad Performance Visibility with SmartAds 2.0


The newly launched YOUBORA module gives complete and objective visibility of ad performance in real time

NPAW (Nice People at Work) introduced its YOUBORA module in order to track the advertising output in real time and helps marketers optimize ad strategy. The masters of the most advanced and holistic business intelligence platform for the online media industry, NPAW released SmartAds 2.0, which is an advanced version of its previous offering.

A Big Data and Business Intelligence company, NPAW helps online video services in making data-driven decisions. It has been in the online video business since 2008 and presently it is one of the leading players in this domain.

The increasing flexibility, consolidation, and speed of programmatic and RTB (Real Time Bidding) models call for the requirement to track advertisement results for media services. SmartAds 2.0 acts as a neutral third party to quantify and control ad performance at the maximum resolution, in real time, and ensure unbiased ROI.

While inserting advertisements into content different varieties of browsers, players, encoding levels, campaigns, ad-server configurations, the number of ads, positions and many other elements come into play. This complex chain affects campaign performance. AVODs (advertising-based video-on-demand services) will benefit from SmartAds 2.0 as the later offers visibility into the quality of ads, content type, impact on the audiences’ video experience, and the reasons why ads are failing to engage with their audience. AVODs can enhance their service provision and ad strategy while controlling their impact on customers.

Lucas Bernat Miralles
Lucas Bernat Miralles, Product Manager at NPAW


Lucas Bernat, the Product Manager at NPAW, said, “The uncertainty of ad performance can be misleading and sometimes even turn into blind strategies and unjustified costs. SmartAds 2.0 is an impartial tool for AVOD services to accurately track ad performance, also looking into quality and how ads cause drop off issues”.




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