Olapic Offers New Video Formatting Platform Content in Motion for Instagram Stories Advertising

Content in Motion via Olapic
Content in Motion via Olapic

Visual content is the most influential mode of engagement for marketing. With the proliferation of social media marketing into B2B commerce, marketers rely heavily on visual content, especially motion videos, to drive engagements and churn sustainable ROI. Taking a leadership stance in providing next-gen motion video solution for marketing, Olapic announced a supporting format – Content in Motion (CiM) for video advertising rolled into Instagram Stories.  Instagram rolled out its Stories adverts globally on March 1 that was instantly made available for all businesses.

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Olapic, the leading provider of innovative visual content solutions, is also an Instagram Marketing Platform. By providing the new video format solution, which has been branded as CiM, Olapic will allow video advertisers to maximize audience reach through immersive, full-screen ads. The short-form vertical video supporting format will run ads that appear between Instagram Stories, enriching the engagement with an “Out-of-box” video experience.

Pau Sabria via LinkedIn
Pau Sabria via LinkedIn

Pau Sabria, Co-founder of Olapic says, “We have seen Instagram emerge as a powerful tool for businesses to reach and influence their target audiences through deeply visual experiences.”

“The early success of Instagram Stories demonstrates that consumers are embracing the personal connection created via stories. Because of the channel’s ephemeral nature, brands can step outside the bounds of traditional advertising to test new forms of expression. Using tools such as CiM, brands can publish innovative animated content that feels native to stories and has proven to have a great impact while being extremely cost-effective to produce.”

Olapic’s Content in Motion is an ideal tailor-made solution for Instagram Stories advertising. Ads in stories are limited to merely one piece of media, either photo or short video. Content in Motion will enable video content publishers to create user-defined videos using professionally captured short still or static visuals assets. As a cost-cutting video format for Instagram, marketers can create animated content that bridges the gap between static visuals and video.

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Will it help marketers milk Instagram as a marketing platform?

Of course! By adding the power of true personalization and customized experience that has officially arrived on Instagram Stories, marketers can connect their brands with audiences through real-life videos.

According to a B2B client’s testimonial, brands achieve a double-digital point increase in advertisement recalls when ads are placed within stories. As an ROI-specific investment, Instagram Stories with video format platform that Olapic provides, brands can further magnify the campaign’s performance at scale.

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DIY for Brands Targeting B2B Engagement

As brands move towards creating their own visual content for B2B engagements instead of relying on third party content providers, we expect to see the rise of motion video formatting platforms specifically targeting advertisers running campaigns on social media channels.

While, still in its infancy in terms of revenue generation, video advertising on social media platforms is driving major investments and tech innovations. With the launch of Instagram Stories, B2B businesses will be able to leverage more out of their visual content. Olapic’s video format will help Instagram marketers add more power to their audience engagement with early tech adoption.

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