OpenSlate Becomes Brand Advocate for GroupM; New Partnership will Create Brand-Safe Advertising Ecosystem on YouTube


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OpenSlate, the leading social media analytics and intelligence firm has been roped in by GroupM, the world leader in digital media marketing. OpenSlate is facilitating Google in delivering greater transparency and brand-safe environment to clients that are served by GroupM. The partnership is working exclusively on enhancing brand safety on YouTube media buys.

OpenSlate Climbs the Brand Advocacy Ladder for YouTube Advertising

OpenSlate plays a very critical role in enabling advertisers with data analytics and media planning tools, which helps in developing custom premium content networks on YouTube. The unique set of metrics, which includes defined benchmarks for Quality, Brand Safety, Subject Matter Expertise and Audience, helps in building connected brand advertising campaigns that are not just engaging, but also scalable. This data is updated daily and connected with YouTube ad campaign, whether bought directly in AdWords, through a DSP into the exchange or through the Google ad sales team. Advertisers use OpenSlate data to target pre-rolls and TrueView on YouTube.

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Confirming about the partnership with GroupM, OpenSlate CEO Mike Henry says, “Our initial focus is to use OpenSlate data to better ensure that GroupM’s ads run only in content that flexibly matches the brand safety parameters established by their clients.”

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A majority of marketers agree that Google and Facebook advertising offer the most effective online ad channels than traditional media, especially TV. However, fake news, malvertising and inappropriate content showing alongside the video ads tend to disrupt user experience and viewability. Even premium ad content are not spared from the malice—and YouTube advertisers are the biggest sufferers due to growing menace of inappropriate content. OpenSlate is a benchmark company that offers social video analytics, scoring content published on YouTube for quality and brand safety. GroupM Agencies will benefit from this partnership with OpenSlate by leveraging deep contextual insights on ad control and content safeguarding measures designed specifically for YouTube media buys.

GroupM and OpenSlate intend to offer brand safety in both reservation media, including Google Preferred, and in auction-based inventory bought through AdWords or DoubleClick Bid Manager. Using independent data procured from OpenSlate, GroupM clients will be able to segregate the ‘malicious’ content that should be excluded from their YouTube media buys.

OpenSlate will also provide clients with contextual reporting that highlights exactly where their campaigns run. GroupM clients will be the first to access these Google-supported services from OpenSlate for Google Preferred campaigns.

B2B Video Content Must Have Custom Brand-safe Environments

Answering this question, Susan Schiekofer, Chief Digital Investment Officer, GroupM North America, says, “Long gone are the days when advertisers could simply rely on reaching audiences in carefully curated programming environments. Most brands today have scaled their advertising on digital platforms like YouTube, where most content is user-generated, but their needs for mature and safe ad products and environments persist.”

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Though it is hard to eliminate all the risk completely in user-generated media, brands that have their content need to be protected from inappropriate placements on YouTube at all cost. Acknowledging Google’s role in bringing together OpenSlate and GroupM together, Schiekofer says, “We appreciate that Google is enabling our work with OpenSlate to provide our clients with better brand safety controls, and we believe it’s essential that all digital platforms carrying ad-supported user-generated content do the same.”

Brand-Safe YouTube Content Key to B2B Campaign Performance 

GroupM, as the leading global investment management company, owns numerous digital media and programmatic technology companies, including Mindshare, MediaCom, Essence, Maxus and Xaxis. Imperative to its brand reputation and leadership position in media advertising, partnering with OpenScale enables GroupM agencies to focus on creating branded content for YouTube without fearing the disruption caused by fake news and inappropriate placements.

Henry responds, “Every client is unique and each has different brand values and tolerance for risk, which GroupM agencies can accommodate through their use of OpenSlate’s data and tools. Over time, more transparency about where ads are running on YouTube will strengthen the ecosystem and help advertisers better understand the role that YouTube content plays in campaign performance.”

The new solution will initially roll out in the US and U.K with plans to soon expand further into the international market.

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