SRAX: The Ubiquitous Advertising Technology Platform for Interactive Cross-Screen Experiences

SRAX: The Ubiquitous Ad Tech Platform for Interactive Cross-Screen Experiences

Formerly Social Reality, new brand reflects advertising technology company’s family of SRAX-branded products delivering a digital competitive advantage to marketers and content owners

SRAX, formerly known as Social Reality, has announced its new branding. The rebranded “SRAX” is designed to reflect the breadth and depth of the advertising technology company’s tools offered to digital marketers and content owners. Developed with the future of advertising technology in mind, SRAX’s tools amplify performance and maximize profits for brands across diverse verticals through an omnichannel approach. Basically, it integrates every aspect of the marketing experience into one platform.

SRAX offers Measurable Opportunities to Monetize Audiences

SRAX offers machine learning capabilities to marketers and content owners, enabling them to meet the demands of advertising marketplace. Not only does the SRAX tools provide maximize optimization on digital inventories, they also offer cutting edge programmatic expertise to amplify digital marketing performance.

The company’s machine-learning technology identifies brands’ core consumers and their characteristics discovering new and measurable opportunities to target, reach and monetize audiences driving online and offline sales lift.

“While our roots are in social media, the platform and tools we provide today automate brands’ campaigns across all digital channels,” said SRAX’s CEO and Chairman Chris Miglino. “Our new SRAX branding demonstrates the goal of our platform and tools to deliver a digital competitive advantage for brands to surpass the marketing challenges they face.”

SRAX Products
SRAX Products

SRAX Platform

This is a custom digital media management platform that is driven by the SRAX Genome audience targeting engine. SRAX integrates inventory and reporting across campaigns and channels into one dashboard.

SRAX Social

A social media management platform combining programmatic technology and big data, SRAX Social enables marketers to launch and manage social media engagement campaigns across platforms from a single interface.


SRAXmd exemplifies SRAX’s strategy to build out specialized verticals, in this case, healthcare. It develops custom ad targeting platforms and physician databases that cater to leading pharmaceutical companies and brands.


SRAX App is a free mobile app builder to monetize audiences through an ad network with direct brand partnerships.

SRAX Reach

SRAX Reach is SRAX’s newest product. It is a custom ad unit with native integrations that enables publishers to enhance their revenue opportunities and advertisers to deliver premium, targeted ad experiences at scale.

Guaranteed Revenue for Publishers and Native Ad Integrations

SRAX integrates direct and indirect sales channels, including buyers who do not have RTB capabilities, into a single auction – so you get a higher eCPM. SRAX helps ad marketers and content owners in building enriching custom ad units that are built to perform. This custom ad unit can be further refined with additional premium content to gain guaranteed revenue from fixed advertisement buy.

Additionally, advertisers can leverage ad inventories available within a brand-safe marketplace. This empowers brands to measure their marketing’s impact across various campaigns.

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