Teads Will Now Provide Outstream Video Advertising to Business Insider

Teads Will Provide Outstream Video Advertising to Business Insider

Teads, the leading video advertising marketplace announced that it has entered into a multi-year exclusive agreement with Business Insider. The new deal will significantly enhance Business Insider’s video advertising revenue across its desktop, social, web, mobile and in-app platforms.

Expected Outcomes from the Multi-year Deal

Business Insider intends to grow its brand visibility by accessing viewable and premium outstream video through its partnership with Teads. Teads currently provides an excellent user experience to more than 110 million readers.  In addition to supporting the direct sales efforts of Business Insider, it will allow programmatic monetization of the inventory of the outstream video.

Julie Hansen, COO and President said, “We look forward to working with Teads to grow our digital video revenue while maintaining a non-intrusive advertising experience on our site.” She added, “Our clients are eager for highly visible formats that are engaging and user-friendly, and Teads’ outstream formats meet that need.” With the company’s flagship format called inRead, Teads assures of high rates of viewability and offers its users the power of making choices. This format positions video advertisements within the editorial contents and plays when viewable. Thus, the users can easily skip a particular video if he or she does not want to view it.

Teads’ CEO Bertrand Quesada said, “We look forward to working closely with Business Insider to help them monetize their editorial content across desktops and mobile. As the fastest growing business site for tech, finance, and media news, Business Insider is a perfect addition to our ever-growing marketplace of prestigious global media companies.”

Apart from Business Insider, the global premium video ad marketplace also has publishers like Nikkei, El Universal, El Pais, Corriere della Sera, Le Monde, The Telegraph, Newsweek, Mashable Slate, Bonnier, Forbes, The Atlantic, Time Inc., The Washington Post among others.

Native Video Advertising Formats Offered By Teads

Teads allows its customers to purchase outstream video the way they desire through its open exchange or a private marketplace. It offers a customized native and outstream video advertising formats for high-value engagement and branding. Its inRead product suite consists of Landscape, Square, Vertical, Board and 360 formats.

Teads Native Video Formats

Publishers work with the company to create new video inventory and manage the existing inventory and monetize it through third-party sales team or through programmatic purchase. The native video ad solutions from Teads constitute of several formats, which are inserted into the media content similar to inRead playing inside the articles. The video advertising marketplace will be significantly benefited by the insertion unprecedented premium inventory.

In September 2016, the France-based video ad marketplace acquired its UK competitor Brainient for an undisclosed sum. Brainient has since been renamed as Teads Studio. It now assists advertisers in creating 360-degree live interactive video formats with highly responsive features.

The acquisition in September followed by this recent deal with Business Insider reinforces Teads position as a leader in the video advertising industry.


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