Unruly-IBM Watson Integration to Boost ROI of Digital Video Ads

IBM Watson

British video ad tech company Unruly will tap IBM Watson to create a new targeting tool for increasing the digital video ads’ effectiveness and accuracy. Unruly-IBM Watson integration coalesces Unruly DNA’s emotional intelligence tools with the machine learning capabilities of Watson to accurately identify and engage customers for increasing brand’s sales figures.

In coming days, Unruly-IBM Watson Integration will allow digital video ad marketers engage 1.44 billion customers. Video ad marketers will largely use effective outstream formats to improve brand outcomes for advertisers and increase sales revenues. Unruly will tap Watson’s cloud-based Personality Insights service so that advertisers can learn about customer behavior and perception towards brands from various categories. Unruly DNA analyzes digital data about consumer behavior across all digital platforms. The tool learns distinct personality traits like empathy, happiness, anger, assertiveness and so on.

According to Scott Button, the Chief Strategy Officer of Unruly, cognitive technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have evolved dramatically in the last few years. Currently, the marketing technology ecosystem is open to adopt video ad tools that can recognize subjective and human qualities.

Harriet Green, GM-Customer Engagement in IBM said, “The future of marketing lies in unlocking insight from vast amounts of digital data – from emails to tweets, to social media posts and purchase history.”

According to Green, IBM Watson will act as a  dedicated analyst, assistant and reliable advisor to marketers. It will help them make better decisions based on accurate information. Consumers will also enjoy the benefits of Unruly-IBM Watson integration. They will witness an enhanced visibility of their preferred brands delivered through relevant video content.

This fresh audience targeting tool from Unruly is used for creating profiles of light buyers who have a greater likelihood of making purchases. This is because the former category of buyers has a higher capacity to buy more compared to heavy buyers. Thereafter, Unruly DNA creates a list of 3rd party segments of the audiences based on the behavioral traits to improve efficiency of consumer targeting.

Button added that  Unruly is still at a very nascent stage of adopting AI and cognitive technologies in advertising. Unruly is excited about letting machines assist marketers in identifying human perceptions and desires during interaction with brands. Button is upbeat about the prospects of integration of IBM Watson capabilities into Unruly DNA tool. “It will help brands increase penetration and sales by targeting their light buyers.”

The new tool of Unruly is designed based on the studies conducted on consumer panel where more than 10,000 respondents participated along with valuable insights from participating consumers with verified social media accounts..



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