World’s First VR Advertising Effectiveness Study: VR Ads More Effective Than Video Ads in Every Way

VR advertising

Nielsen Research released the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) advertising effectiveness study on December 8. The study offers a 360-degree perspective to marketers on how Airpush’s VR ad platform VirtualSKY influences consumer behavior across different advertisement environments. Airpush is a leading mobile ad platform and VR advertising innovator.

As per the findings of the study, VR-based ad campaigns are at least 1.5 times more effective than traditional video ad formats. Immersive VR ads magnify the overall brand recall value by up to 8 times across all brands. It also revealed that VR ads are twice as likely to be shared as compared to video ads.

The VR advertising effectiveness study, conducted by Nielsen Research in collaboration with POST Cereal, PETA and Charity:Water, processed valuable data related to advertisement effectiveness on VR as well as traditional digital video platforms. VirtualSKY’s ExperienceAds served as the VR platform for the study. It compared the effectiveness of ExperienceAds with that of customary video ad formats—VAST video, online video and TV. The four metrics taken into account for the study were:

  • Content Engagement
  • Perceptions about the brand
  • Brand Behaviors
  • Brand Integration Perceptions

High costs of adoption don’t deter the marketers from exploring VR ads. According to the report, Airpush’s brand partners acknowledged a positive intent to adopt VR advertising by partnering with VirtualSKY.

The latest VR ad effectiveness study is important considering the rapid growth of VR-based software and hardware industry. In January 2016, Deloitte Global predicted that VR-based platforms will generate $1 Billion as direct revenue in 2016. Despite being a fringe ad technique so far, VR is definitely at the cusp of breaking out into the most widely adopted marketing technology in 2017.

“Nielsen’s study shows the power of virtual reality experiences to drive positive change,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

The possibilities of real-time live streaming of VR ads across all possible marketing campaigns will help marketers optimize their ad budget significantly. Needless to say, VR advertising is the new-age AdTech platform every marketer must adopt.



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