YouTube Adds Three New Categories to Its Ad Friendly Guidelines

YouTube also launched a new course in Creator Academy to provide detailed guidance to content creators.

roduct Management, YouTube
Ariel Bardin, VP, Product Management, YouTube

Amidst growing concerns over brands’ ads safety, Google owned-YouTube has updated its guidelines to give advertisers greater control over where their ads appear, as well as inform content creators what they need to do to avoid monetizing their videos.

“We’ve heard loud and clear from the creator community and from advertisers that YouTube needs to broaden our advertiser-friendly guidelines around a few additional types of content,” says Ariel Bardin, VP, Product Management, YouTube in a blog post.

Added three new categories to its creator guidelines

The newly updated advertiser-friendly guidelines states that YouTube will not display ads on “hateful content that promotes discrimination or disparages or humiliates any individual or group of people based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, among others”; or content that “depicts family entertainment characters engaged in violent, sexual, vile, or otherwise inappropriate behaviour”; and content that is “gratuitously incendiary, inflammatory, or demeaning”.

The guidelines don’t cover every possible video type on YouTube. “While it’s not possible for us to cover every video scenario, we hope this additional information will provide you with more insight into the types of content that brands have told us they don’t want to advertise against and help you to make more informed content decisions,” says Bardin.

Winning back advertiser confidence

After several major brands left the platform’s ad program recently to avoid being linked with hateful and offensive videos, YouTube implemented additional controls to restore advertiser confidence. “As a result, many advertisers have resumed their media campaigns on YouTube, leading creator revenue to return to a better and more stable state,” informs Bardin.

The company has launched a new course in Creator Academy that will give a more detailed guidance to content creators on the kind of content required to make their videos more appealing for a broad range of advertisers.

Brian also specified that videos compliant with YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines can remain on the platform. To be eligible for advertising, it is important to imperative to comply with AdSense Policies and ad-friendly guidelines.

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