Animoto Survey Reinforces the Importance of Videos for Brands and Consumers


A report says the purchase decision of two-thirds of consumers is influenced by Facebook videos

Animoto has launched its report named ‘The State of Social Video 2017: Marketing in a Video-First World’. It analyzes consumer behavior around online videos and the underlying responses of marketers about social video watching habits, and how they can obtain insights for campaign optimization, based on customer experience.

The report points to the emergence of a huge video content promotion market, as a large number of consumers responded positively to branded videos, on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Animoto survey found that 60% of consumers watch branded videos on Facebook on a daily basis. These videos have reportedly enhanced customer engagement and influenced them as 64% of consumers agreed to have made a positive purchase decision based on the videos they watched on Facebook. Based on this trend, 47% of marketers who participated in the survey have started to publish an average of 4 or more marketing videos per month. It also says that 92% of marketers reusing their already existing video assets to meet the demand.

The report was formed with responses to an online survey that included 1,000 consumers and 500 marketers who work at companies that have produced at least two videos in the past year. Animoto has illustrated the findings through a detailed infographic and the company did share the details of the analysis on Facebook, which can be reviewed here.

Brad Jefferson
Brad Jefferson
CEO & Co-founder of Animoto


Brad Jefferson, CEO of Animoto, said, “We are living in a video-first world, and you need to look no further than your Facebook News Feed for proof that video is now the most popular form of communication online. Businesses need to learn to ‘speak video’ fluently if they want to connect with their customers on social media. Our study shows that marketers recognize the importance of prioritizing video marketing on social networks, and are taking the steps they need to succeed in reaching their customers in the most engaging and authentic way.”

Social video = mobile video

According to Facebook, 1.74 billion active users were found using mobiles in February 2017, which simply means that consumers watching branded videos on social platforms are doing so through their mobile devices. Hence, marketers must adapt to ensure that their mobile-enabled videos perform really well.

• 84% of consumers watch social video content on mobile devices
• 81% of marketers optimize their social videos for mobile, which includes things like planning for sound-off viewing
• 39% marketers create videos in square and/or vertical formats.

Facebook and YouTube lead in social video

The report confirmed that marketers are continuing to invest heavily in videos played on Facebook and YouTube.

Animoto’s 2016 Social Video Forecast said that 44% of marketers planned paid promotion of video content on Facebook in the next year.
• 67% of marketers are driving videos on Facebook in the last 12 months.
• According to marketers, Facebook videos drive more views, engagement, and purchases than videos on any other social network. YouTube was second
• Only 25% of marketers are investing in video advertising on Instagram and Twitter
• More than half of marketers say they plan to increase investment in videos on Instagram and Twitter next year.

Social video promotes brand engagement and sales revenue

Marketers claimed that social media video content ensure increased views, purchases and engagement, driving trust, loyalty and brand recognition.

• 83% of marketers were confident that the marketing video content on Facebook would drive purchases
• 64% of consumers say they have made a purchase after watching a marketing video on Facebook
• Authenticity was ranked as the #1 quality that leads consumers to trust a brand
• 53% of consumers considered a clear and cohesive narrative as the way to create an authentic video


Animoto’s survey result includes a sample of US adult marketers at companies that have created at least 2 videos in the past year and adult consumers aware of social media and video marketing practices. The sample size comprised of 1,000 consumers of 18 years and above, and 500 video marketers (at companies of 3 or larger).


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