Flyr Launches AI-Powered Interactive Video Storytelling App Following $5 Million Series A

Flyr Launches AI-Powered Interactive Video Storytelling App Following $5 Million Series A

Funding in martech always fires our spirits to stay on our heels, following cutting-edge technologies for marketing and sales. The latest in the list of martech companies that scooped sizeable funding is Flyr, a startup in the video marketing category. The company just announced raising $5million Series A from high-value martech investors, followed by unveiling its first the instant interactive storytelling platform for video content.

On the heels of $5 million Series A funding, Flyr launched the first of its kind interactive video storytelling platform that takes seconds to create and share social media videos through automated design and video editing.  Initially, it is only available on Apple App Store. It currently features 6 premium channels, which showcase quick eye- catching videos from action sports and memes to tech news and fails.

Flyr was created by Hassan Uriostegui and serial tech entrepreneur Brett O’Brien. Calling it a realization of his life-long ambition, Uriostegui recalled, “When I moved from Mexico, it was my dream to revolutionize video creation and bring the power of storytelling to all the citizens of the digital world.” He added, “Flyr was developed to make video creation and publishing accessible to anyone.”

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In this smartphone savvy world where everyone is a videographer, this creative video creation app makes it super easy and inexpensive for brands or anyone to make and publish Snapchat Discover-style videos.   Unlike Snapchat, Flyr lets you edit videos, add hyperlinks, tap billions of gifs and videos made accessible, share instantly on other social platforms and choose from thousands of layouts.

It works with all the hyper messaging apps, including Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, as well as Flyr’s own proprietary platform. Flyr’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered media engine algorithmically generates unlimited combinations of layouts, colors and designs, while enabling you to search through billions of Gifs, pictures, videos based on your search and trending topic

Video Stories can be modified before or after publishing. Flyr can intelligently export content to any social media format or size.  Users can find and insert almost any online media asset, allowing for lightning-fast editing with negligible upload time. Hyperlinks can be added to videos for taking the viewer to any external site highlighting an article, product or video. Flyr’s Power Swipe unlocks layouts, colors, fonts and filters from over 1000000 combinations for you to choose from.

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