Moat announces Video Score – New Digital Video Exposure Metric

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Moat, the NY based SaaS analytics company announced a new metric for measuring digital video exposure

The Moat Video Score incorporates:

  • Video length seen
  • Video length heard
  • Amplified by the percentage of Screen Real Estate the ad occupied
  • On a straightforward scale of 0-100.

“TV experiences have historically worked for brand advertisers to successfully grab consumer attention and drive outcomes; however, consumers are quite simply changing how they watch TV,” said Jonah Goodhart, Co-Founder and CEO, Moat. “We still watch TV content but we do it when, where, and how we want. While TV ads are consistent in experience, digital ones are not – in fact from site to site, app to app, and platform to platform, how individuals see and are exposed to ads changes in dramatic ways. Imagine if TV commercials were different based on whether you watched one network versus another; that’s the world of digital. As a result, we need a way to understand video exposures across multiple platforms in a manner that makes sense to both marketers and publishers.”

Moat offers a cross device and cross platform that covers video and content from desktops to mobile. Its real time actionable marketing analytics include:

  • Complete accuracy on the industry’s most important metrics and 50+ MRC Accredited Metrics
  • Non-Human Traffic Detection
  • Real-Time Optimizations
  • Data Unification Pull in third-party data that makes sense
  • Transaction Currency Real-time reporting on the new true north of digital marketing
  • Portable Real-Time APIs
  • Easy to use Instant collateral, instant trend graphs, and automated email alerts.

“Nothing is more important to the future of the advertising industry than addressing the issues of measurement. Moat’s approach represents a monumental step in the right direction, and Fox Networks Group is excited to implement,” said Joe Marchese, President, Advertising Products, Fox Networks Group.

The Moat video score, let’s marketers and publishers get actionable metrics to evaluate video.

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