Snap Spectacles: Create an Aha Moment In The New Year with Best Tech Innovation of 2016

Snap Spectacles: Create an Aha Moment In The New Year

Yay! We are into the last week of the year with preparations for the New Year almost complete. However, Santa might still have a lot of work to do post-Christmas. Delivering a pair of cool, camera-laced sunglasses in every house is a tough ask even by Santa’s standards! Thankfully, marketers have found a smart way to replace him this season. How? Marketers are offering their customers a chance to experience the best tech innovation of 2016. Yes, it’s the Snap Spectacles  the coolest tech invention of the year. With Spectacles, the aha moment is just round the corner this New Year.

First smart phones, then watches and sci-fi wearables and now, smart glasses, that’s how quickly technology is getting deep into augmented reality. In a year that saw AI-driven apps and games like Pokemon Go, Ingress, Google Translate, Yelp and Wikitude take center stage, Snap Inc.’s Spectacles has managed to carve a niche for itself. Initially seen as an overtly ambitious augmented reality (AR) innovation by a company known for its instant messaging applications, Spectacles has turned out to be an extremely engaging platform to watch videos and capture footage instantly using hands-free smartglasses. 

Released on 10 November, Snap Inc.’s Spectacles have captured hearts of the users and minds of marketers.  In fact, these pair of cool smart glasses with 115-degree lens amplifies the importance of video marketing in an unprecedented manner. Every innovation in 2016 has undeniably changed the way advertisers are projecting their brands across smart devices via video ads on mobile. But with Spectacles, the game gets bigger and smarter for marketers. Clearly, the flawless audience engagement these funky smart glasses offer is every marketer’s Holy Grail.

It’s probably the first time that the same device is unabashedly embraced by both marketers and customers for video marketing. No brainer here, Spectacles allows every user to experience any product up close. Moreover, the user can also shoot multiple 10-second videos as increment to help marketers understand what they are actually looking for by seamlessly connecting the smartglasses to their smartphone. Undoubtedly, Spectacles bring customers closer to the brand unlike any other device currently available. With time, this nascent video platform is definitely going to have higher attribution than other digital models.

The behemoth popularity of Snap Spectacles reveal why marketers in 2017 would rely on smart glasses to create new touchpoints along the customer journey for their brands.

Celebrities, sports franchises, automobile makers and fashion retailers are using Snap Spectacles to capture behind-the-scenes action and locker room chats. Marketers are adopting smartglass technology to give their customers a real-time point of view that is available at a button’s touch. According to the video ad marketers, Spectacles has opened up a totally new format for customers who can experience brands at the ‘tip of their nose’, literally. In fact, top enterprises are even inviting applications by letting candidates post videos shot using Spectacles.

Marketers and customers finally share the vision it takes to match each other’s expectation without any bias or barrier across multiple video marketing platforms. Spectacles’ increasing dominance in video ad marketing platform exemplifies the evolution of martech landscape towards AI-driven technologies. In 2017, any technology that delivers content-rich interactive experience to new-age tech-savvy customers will rule the roost.

Closer to eyes, closer to heart–marketers want to establish exactly that with their audiences. Spectacles did it. What’s next?

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