Videology Unveils New ‘Knowledge Lab’ Inventory to Educate Industry about Connected TV

Videology Unveils New 'Knowledge Lab' Inventory to Educate Industry about Connected TV
Scott Ferber, CEO of Videology via LinkedIn
Scott Ferber, CEO of Videology

Videology, a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising solutions, has released the latest installment of their educational series, ‘Knowledge Labs.’ In its latest announcement installment, Videology examines the topic of Connected TV, focusing on how the medium is being used today for video advertising.

Knowledge Lab delves into the various ways that Connected TV advertising is being targeted, as well as the benefits of reaching consumers with precise targeting in a TV-like environment.

Scott Ferber, Founder and CEO, Videology, says, “Connected TV advertising provides marketers with the best of both worlds in video advertising: the precise targeting of digital with the lean-back experience of TV.”

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The latest piece explores how advertisers are defining success in regard to Connected TV advertising. While they previously focused mainly on digital-like measurement, Videology mentions about the growing opportunities to measure Connected TV in a more TV-like way. The piece concludes that Connected TV measurement could skew in either the direction of digital or TV, depending on the needs of the advertiser and overall campaign objectives.

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For this Knowledge Lab, Videology worked with Advertiser Perceptions to survey advertisers and agencies about their attitudes and behaviors towards Connected TV advertising.

Key findings from this new study reveal —

– About half of Marketers consider Connected TV to be part of their digital video strategy, while only 10% consider it part of their TV strategy; the rest say they don’t differentiate between TV and digital strategies.

– 76% of advertisers and agencies say Connected TV will play a greater role in their advertising strategies this year.

– Respondents were somewhat split when asked which budget Connected TV advertising is coming from, with 31% saying it comes from a linear TV budget, and the same number saying it comes from a digital video budget. Another 13% say it comes from a Test/Experimental budget.

Scott adds, “On the Videology platform, we’ve seen 500% growth in the number of Connected TV campaigns in just two years—proving that advertisers are seeing the power of this medium, and don’t want to miss out on the opportunity.”

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Videology shares details about their Connected TV solution, which relies on a partnership with Tru Optik to provide clients the ability to target audiences across OTT/Connected TV screens at the household level via anonymized IP addresses. This solution allows marketers to target specific OTT audiences by onboarding their first-party data or by leveraging third-party data from over a dozen leading providers in Tru Optik’s OTT Data Marketplace.

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