Alight Analytics Launches Industry-Leading Cross-Channel Attribution Solution

ChannelMix Keys, the Latest Addition to Alight’s ChannelMix Platform, Helps Marketers Produce True Cross-Channel Attribution

Alight Analytics, the industry leader in marketing analytics, is proud to announce the launch of ChannelMix Keys, the latest addition to its ChannelMix platform, to help marketers produce true cross-channel attribution.

With ChannelMix Keys, marketers generate a single multi-character tag or “key” that can be attached to ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and other online and offline advertising platforms, giving marketers insight into:

  • Channel attribution, performance and value
  • Automated budget pacing for all channels
  • Goals and objectives specific to the cross-channel campaign

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Creating, launching and maintaining cross-channel marketing campaigns is truly a group effort. Because so many people are involved in these campaigns, it’s common for important, contextual information about campaign goals and budget pacing to be miscommunicated and for historical performance to be lost. ChannelMix Keys solves this painful, long-standing problem for marketing.

“Our ChannelMix platform is the most powerful analytics platform on the market — especially now that we’ve added Keys,” said Matt Hertig, the CEO and Co-Founder of Alight Analytics.

“Instead of fumbling around with spreadsheets, or constantly emailing a dozen different media buyers, Keys gives you the power to centralize the most important facets of a campaign — and give our users clear insight to cross-channel performance for any campaign.”

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With ChannelMix Keys, budget, performance and attribution value from all platforms used within a campaign are automatically integrated within the ChannelMix platform and easily visualized inside Tableau, Google Data Studio and other BI and visualization tools.

Having a central source of truth will enable marketers to clearly see whether they’re making progress.

“It reduces the risk of errors and miscommunication, and in the process, it can save marketers serious amounts of time,” Hertig said. “And it does this while being very flexible and customizable. Our earliest testers already love it.”

“Keys provides us with a unique opportunity to link data from multiple sources, which enables us to review comprehensive digital and traditional metrics, generate actionable insights and share key learnings internally and with our clients,” said Meghan Dimas, Analytics Manager at Infinity Marketing in Greenville, S.C.

“This also provides us with a more efficient way to manage budget pacing and other data challenges that plague agencies all over the country.”

Keys is currently in an invitation-only beta. Alight Analytics plans to publicly release Keys this spring.

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