Limpid marketing platform enables brands to reach and engage their most valuable audiences.

Jitesh Bisht, CEO of Limpid, said: “The Limpid user base has increased by over 850k MAU in the US only, with Monstromo as its top channel, followed by Jarvis and Viola on Roku TV. Limpid experienced a 177% growth in its revenue in December 2020. That is clear proof of CTV and OTT ads’ success. Industry reports indicate the same, according to eMarketer, the ad spend will likely reach $10B in 2021. We are witnessing this growth trend at Limpid and would like to contribute significantly to a stronger 2021. Therefore, we have accelerated our partnerships with other CTV developers, Pharoscode and Plexpeer. The goal is to offer our advertisers an increased audience base, balancing the scale with the same seamless TV-like viewing experience.”

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Pharoscode is a full-stack platform that creates custom cutting-edge CTV/OTT applications fueled by top-standard video content that engages today’s demanding audiences. The company allows advertisers to perform granular targeting ad campaigns across any CTV/OTT medium and run over 40 applications delivering 20 million impressions monthly.

Hanna Jaworska, Director Of Business Development at Pharoscode, said on the partnership, “We’re thrilled to partner with the LimpidTV platform and have big plans for the future. Since video advertising is one of the core digital marketing trends of 2021, CTV/OTT ads are becoming an essential component of any savvy marketing strategy. We’re focused on providing advertisers with bespoke functionality, and our partnership with LimpidTV promises to bring just that.”

Plexpeer is specialized in distributing content across digital media channels. With its well-experienced team, Plexpeer helps companies launch and maintain their technologically advanced video streaming services. By tailoring it to every client’s needs, Plexpeer creates a last-word content distribution product that allows a company to get in touch with its audience via modern digital devices.

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CTV is gaining more and more momentum. Audiences worldwide are switching to new video content mediums, CTV and OTT video streaming services. And Pharoscode is a leader in the custom-made application for the video streaming devices industry.

Plexpeer happily expressed this partnership, “CTV publisher Plexpeer announced a global collaboration with CTV platform Limpid that gives CTV and OTT publishers access to diverse and global demand. Through this partnership, Limpid will help Plexpeer maintain a higher yield and control over how their inventory is packaged, priced, and sold to the advertisers.”

The best works with the best. That’s why Limpid, Plexpeer, and Pharoscode are partnering together to deliver the best services.

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