Verto Analytics Expands in Location and POI Data Enrichment with a Single-Source Behavioral Panel, Selects Unacast’s Turbine Location Engine

Verto Analytics launches new research solutions to help understand the overlay of online usage and offline foot traffic with a panel-based measurement solution – Unacast will process Verto’s 1st-party location data to improve Verto’s data enrichment

Unacast, an award-winning and industry-leading location data and strategic insights company, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Verto Analytics, a premier market research and behavioral research platform. Verto Analytics will use Turbine, Unacast’s Platform as a Service technology, as part of its new set of solutions built to process and turn location data into valuable information around place visitation in the offline world. In this collaboration, the parties process Verto’s 1st party location data to provide contextualized insights on how people move around in the physical world – without being dependent on any 3rd party sources and solely based on Verto’s proprietary deterministic market research opt-in panel data.

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Through this partnership, Verto is positioned to gain a competitive edge with improved accuracy and scope of their location data. Verto’s new solutions in this area are the first panel-based and opt-in based frameworks that assess how people move around in the offline world around the clock, while being able to connect that information to insights/metrics around online usage. Further, the insights that can be derived from footfall patterns will provide a more comprehensive view of human mobility and contextualization of mobile and PC device usage across apps, web sites, e-commerce, shopping journeys, streaming media usage, and others. Through this process, Verto’s data will more accurately reflect the depth of insights of consumer behavior by tying online behavior to offline actions, which will further solidify them as the trusted provider for cross-device behavioral information.

“We have a lot of passive location data collected with a high cadence that we wanted to leverage to better understand consumer behavior at a deeper level, so we searched for a company that has the expertise and experience to interpret all of this information,” says Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, Verto Analytics’ Founder and CEO. “Unacast is a pioneer in the location data space, and after testing the accuracy and quality of their data along with the transparent insights they provided, we knew we had found the right fit. Unacast is a data partner who can keep up with Verto’s evolving business challenges, which will help us expand from high level home/work/on-the move classifications to detailed point of interest data to power stronger insights and newer capabilities in custom research and consumer journey analytics.”

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Turbine is Unacast’s platform for advanced data filtering and clustering. It enables clients to understand device activity and context for mobility patterns. This data is coupled with other signals to provide a transparent and complete picture of real world behavior while maintaining user privacy.

“We see a lot of companies who sit on petabytes of 1st party location, GPS, WiFi, and cell tower data, but these firms are not doing anything meaningful with it. That’s a lost opportunity to extract potential value and insights,” says Thomas Walle, CEO and Co-Founder at Unacast. “We built Turbine to allow companies to leverage the Unacast technology and to provide them with location data insights. We are pleased to announce that one of the most well known panel-based research companies, Verto Analytics, has started using our product as part of their research work!”

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