Call Journey Releases Further Updates to Its Market-Leading Speech Analytics Solution – Continues to Lead the Australian Market in Speech Analytics

The Australian-born company deploys the latest update to its Australian Language model ASR to drive a more personalized journey to Australian customers

Call Journey further cements its position as the leading Conversation Analytics provider in Australia with the release of its latest version of its advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) environment – CJ V6.5, offering best-in-class transcription accuracy and market-leading Word Error Rate (WER) for its Australian market.

The V6.5 upgraded Australian Language ASR environment is a key component of the technology which powers Call Journey’s Conversation Analytics ecosystem – Emotive Voice Streams™ (EVS™). With the upgraded CJ V6.5, the AI/NLP based environment continues to achieve further significant strides forward in accurately transcribing the Australian-English language, including accents and even different jargon unique to Australia. Aligned to CJ 6.5, there have also been updated to the Call Journey Industry language packs driving greater accuracy of industry-specific jargon transcription accuracy.

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“At Call Journey, we never stop improving and innovating around our conversation analytics solutions for our major customer markets,” said Paul Humphrey, Call Journey CEO. “We started and grew up in our own back yard here in Australia. I am pretty sure we even had to work around the Hills Hoist when we first started! So, it is natural that we are striving to ensure we have the best available and lowest WER solution for our Australian market. With the new version 6.5 of our local ASR in place, fellow Australians have more confidence and a better understanding of what was said and what was the emotion of the conversation.”

“It’s been an exciting few weeks for Call Journey,” Humphrey said. “We’ve announced a hugely exciting new partnership with Microsoft and we’re now releasing the latest upgrade to our market-leading Australian model. Many of the organizations that provide similar solutions in the Australian market are serviced by ASR’s from vendors outside of Australia like the UK or Israel. As we own the I.P to our environment we aren’t reliant on out of country vendors who focus on other global markets which typically means their Australian language model is not that great. Most legacy speech analytics environments focus on basic word spotting and text insights whereas our environment trained over years and years of experience and millions of calls “listens” to the natural conversation right down to phrases and utterances, utilizes advanced ML, NLP, and Semtimentax technology which assesses the acoustic characteristics of the conversation listening to pitch and tone.”

Humphrey also spoke about the global trend Call Journey is seeing which has been in play for a good part of 18-24 months now. “Customers tell us loud and clear globally that they are sick and tired of having to buy more software from vendors as they are mostly looking to consolidate their software environment. Our solution has been developed and evolved over the last few years with dozens and dozens of customers where the smart data we create in our EVS environment is easily consumable in the customers’ preferred analytics environment along with all the data intelligence of the use cases they are running at. Our loud and clear message aligned to our customers is – if your speech analytics vendor is trying to sell you their software – run away as fast as you can!”

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Call Journey accurately scores the “HOW” and the “WHAT” in every customer conversation

Thanks to the advancement of Natural Language Processing, EVS™ can transcribe 100 per cent of voice interactions from speech-to-text. It also analyses emotion based on the vocabulary used; and based on the vocal cues like tempo, pitch, volume, and cadence. Combining these two advanced algorithms allows Call Journey customers to greater levels of insights into interactions.

EVS™ then takes these previously unstructured data and deliver it straight into WordBench, Call Journey’s own visualization and rules engine platform, or via our data connectivity tool into environments such as Microsoft Power BI, or into the customer’s own analytics environment, establishing a secure way of streamlining data discovery and utilising the customers own analytics environment and tools.

Call Journey is also a global partner of key organisations such as Microsoft, Genesys, and SAS making it easier for organizations across different industries to add, consume and curate rich voice data without using their omnichannel environment.

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