‘Building the Open Metaverse’ Podcast: October 28

A new podcast is bringing tech experts together to discuss openness in the metaverse. “Building the Open Metaverse” is the brainchild of 3D geospatial expert Patrick Cozzi and 3D software industry veteran Marc Petit. Cozzi is CEO of Cesium, the leading platform for 3D geospatial, and the creator of 3D Tiles, an open standard for streaming massive amounts of 3D data. Petit is VP and General Manager of Unreal Engine at Epic Games, one of the major players working on bringing the metaverse – the interactive and immersive next-generation internet – into reality.

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Listeners can expect to hear from a broad range of technologists working on a metaverse that is based on open standards and interoperability across platforms.

The inaugural episode features journalist, investor, and metaverse expert Matthew Ball, along with Samantha G. Wolfe, NYU Professor and founder of PitchFWD. Later guests include Neil Trevett, VP of Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA and President of graphics standards organization The Khronos Group, among other notables from Amazon, Unity, Red Hat, the Linux Foundation, and more.

“We believe that a metaverse that truly empowers creators and all participants must be built on open standards,” Cozzi said. “Building the Open Metaverse will facilitate connections, inspire collaboration across communities, and help anyone interested in the metaverse, from beginners to experts, to learn more.”

 Cesium is the open 3D geospatial platform for the metaverse and the creators of 3D Tiles, the open standard for streaming massive 3D geospatial data. With offerings like the open source Cesium for Unreal plugin, we’re empowering creators to build digitized worlds with real-world data at scale.

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