Consumer identity management expert Infutor today announced that it has selected data privacy workflow solution provider Nth Party to enhance Infutor’s data match testing capability.

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Infutor’s Test Drive tool – with match testing powered by Nth Party – streamlines the way brands, agencies and martech providers evaluate Infutor’s identity resolution and data intelligence solutions. Marketers can load and encrypt their data in-browser for a quick, no-cost data assessment and Test Drive returns a comprehensive report of the data matching percentage as well as Infutor’s fill rates across core attributes such as age, income, marital status, presence of children, etc.

“Data security and privacy has always been our #1 priority,” says Gary Walter, Chief Executive Officer of Infutor. “With Nth Party’s encryption technology we don’t need to see the data to demonstrate value. It’s a win-win for us and our clients.”

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Infutor’s TrueSource™ Identity Graph features 260+ million consumers and 100 million daily updates compiled from deterministic, authoritative and permissible data from numerous privacy and security-compliant sources.

“Infutor is a market leader when it comes to consumer identity and we are excited to partner to make match testing more accessible and more secure,” said Shereen Shermak, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Nth Party. “Enabling the seamless exchange of data without the need to share or decrypt data helps preserve privacy and prevent data leakage and is critical to improving access to greater data insights, while also simplifying sales cycles.”

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