Information Builders Omni-HealthData Leveraging Data and Analytics to Understand Social Determinants of Health

Healthcare Information Management Platform Harmonizes Integration, Analysis, and Visualization of Health Information

Information Builders Inc. (IBI), the leading data and analytics company, announced new capabilities with its healthcare information management platform, Omni-HealthData, that enable better understanding and use of social determinants of health (SDOH) in providing quality patient care and integrated services. Omni-HealthData brings together clinical and SDOH data within a geospatial context that helps identify individuals and populations for care interventions and delivers insights for strategic healthcare initiatives.

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Socioeconomic conditions that affect health at both individual and population levels significantly impact successful patient care as well as care quality and cost. Accordingly, healthcare organizations are now compelled to include SDOH into their data strategies. Incorporating social determinants into electronic health records (EHRs), however, is a challenge. With a lack of standard tools to conduct assessments and the difficulties of bringing together multiple data sources, many healthcare organizations struggle to analyze combined clinical, financial, and socioeconomic information to direct care interventions and operational initiatives.

IBI has optimized Omni-HealthData to account for these challenges and has the ability to unify SDOH from hundreds of external sources, harmonize them with key patient data for a master record, and provide analysis in the context of geospatial relevance. The resulting insights improve the health of individual patients and the broader communities that healthcare organizations serve.

“It’s clear to anyone who works in healthcare that there are opportunities to better manage SDOH by making relevant information more discoverable and actionable,” said Krishna Venugopal, SVP and chief technology officer at Community Care of North Carolina, an organization dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of all North Carolinians by building and supporting better community-based healthcare delivery systems. “Our work with Information Builders and Omni-HealthData to ingest and maintain unitary and integrated healthcare data creates a more comprehensive view of our patients’ needs, allowing us to provide more optimal care.”

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Omni-HealthData can integrate, analyze, and visualize SDOH from external data sources layered with an organization’s internal information to provide new care and operational insights. It leverages publicly available SDOH information in conjunction with internal clinical data and internal survey data to inform predictive, preventative, and personalized care.

“Incorporating SDOH into patient care is essential for every healthcare organization whose mission is to better serve its patients and communities, but what is truly powerful is how using SDOH insights will transform the care continuum,” said Dennis McLaughlin, vice president, Omni operations and product management, Information Builders. “One example is combining patient records and SDOH data to highlight an at-risk population. For instance, it is difficult for an elderly patient who is living alone and has limited transportation options to get to a supermarket or pharmacy. With SDOH insights, a healthcare provider can map those patients and organize transportation for them to make food and prescriptions accessible. This use case highlights how SDOH could revolutionize healthcare by making patient care more comprehensive.”

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