Metrika Partners with Axelar to Help Delegators Maximize Staking Rewards

Metrika's AlertHub brings real-time account activity monitoring to the  Algorand ecosystem

Partnership delivers comprehensive performance metrics and analytics for network wide and validator-specific performance monitoring

Metrika, the leader in operational intelligence for blockchain networks, and Axelar, the proof-of-stake blockchain that enables the cross-chain future of Web3, today announced a strategic partnership to provide Axelar delegators with the in-depth validator performance metrics needed to maximize their AXL token staking rewards.

With the recent launch of the AXL token, this level of insight into validator performance will be essential to the security, decentralization, and longevity of the Axelar network. Validators participate in the underlying consensus mechanism as well as the multi-party protocols and cross-chain verification which are intrinsic to Axelar. Metrika’s comprehensive monitoring and analytics platform will enable Axelar delegators to identify the network’s highest performing validators so delegators can maximize the staking rewards they receive while contributing to the security of the network. The Axelar dashboard provides statistics and allows users to benchmark validators based on staking KPIs, activity, and performance – providing critical and up to date insights across all these mechanisms.

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Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos, founder and CEO of Metrika, commented on the partnership: “We’re pleased to provide this critical intelligence to the Axelar community through our comprehensive network and validator monitoring solution. As the cross-chain activity enabled by Axelar continues to increase, the in-depth validator intelligence we provide will be essential for delegators looking to stake their tokens with the best performing validator to generate optimal staking rewards.”

In addition to providing in-depth analytics and metrics on Axelar network validators, the Metrika platform also provides visibility into the underlying health of the network. Users can monitor the Axelar network dashboard to understand recent consensus performance, including block production and proposers analysis, and cross-chain activity.

Sergey Gorbunov, Cofounder and CEO of Axelar, concluded, “Delegators will need the robust insights that Metrika’s platform provides to make informed decisions about Axelar validators that not only contribute to the security, decentralization, and longevity of the network but also maximize the delegator’s staking rewards.”

Metrika’s platform will play a key role in ensuring the Axelar network provides a reliable and high-performing cross chain experience that can facilitate the next stage of web3 development. The comprehensive validator metrics will help delegators maximize the staking rewards that ensure the operational excellence of the Axelar network pushing the web3 ecosystem to a high-performing cross-chain future.

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