ThoughtSpot Announces SearchIQ, New Voice-Driven Analytics for the Enterprise

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ThoughtSpot 5 Includes a New Voice-Driven Analytics Interface, Along with New Capabilities for Search & AI-Driven Predictions

ThoughtSpot, the leader in search and AI-driven analytics for the enterprise, announced the release of ThoughtSpot 5, which includes multiple industry-first features. Notably, ThoughtSpot 5 includes SearchIQ, which empowers business users to search their data—and get instant and predictive results—from anywhere, with just their voice, and a new suite of advanced analytics tools that bring data science to everyday business users.

Voice in the Workplace

According to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Survey, 38 percent of organizations are planning to implement or are already actively experimenting with conversational interfaces and voice technology. What’s more, according to Harvard Business Review’s 2018 Analytics Services Survey, 63 percent of workers want more opportunities for self-service access to critical knowledge and data.

SearchIQ presents the ultimate solution, using voice to ensure every employee can find insights buried in billions of rows of data with just a simple spoken sentence, all without sacrificing speed, accuracy, or transparency.

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The Power of Predictions Made Easy

Advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation are creating massive new opportunities for companies who can apply these, not only to understand the current state of their business, but to predict what’s going to happen next. ThoughtSpot has partnered with leaders in machine learning like Google and DataRobot, and integrated with R, to streamline data science workflows while simultaneously equipping business users with the tools to make predictions and extract insights from these models.

Thoughts from the Top

“Leading businesses today recognizes the power of data and the importance of making key insights more available throughout their entire organization,” said Sudheesh Nair, CEO, ThoughtSpot. “But it only works when the tools to identify these insights are simple, intuitive, and easy for everyone to use—from the least technical employees, all the way up to the C-suite. With advanced conversational voice capabilities and predictions, we’re lowering the barrier even further and making the most powerful analytics accessible at scale.”

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“ThoughtSpot continues to lead the analytics industry, both in terms of bringing advanced capabilities to market and in making these capabilities available to every employee, because we built a new kind of analytics platform from the ground up that can handle the speed and scale requirements of today’s enterprises,” said Ajeet Singh, co-founder & Executive Chairman of ThoughtSpot. “Our platform approach, built on our proprietary in-memory calculation engine Falcon, the fastest in the industry, will enable us to continue to bring revolutionary products to market and challenge the status quo of the analytics industry.”

“While NLP technology has been discussed by the industry for years, with interesting examples in research environments, SearchIQ is the first NLP technology in the analytics market that can handle the complexity of enterprise data and make it work in a real production environment,” says Amit Prakash, CTO & cofounder of ThoughtSpot. “At ThoughtSpot, we were able to break this barrier because our core platform, built on relational search, delivers performance at massive scale, while SearchIQ is intelligent enough to understand the analytical intent behind questions asked in natural language.

Dig Deeper

ThoughtSpot 5 includes several new features and important product updates, including:

  • SearchIQ: SearchIQ builds natural language processing (NLP) technology on top of ThoughtSpot’s foundational platform of relational search. SearchIQ offers a flexible and intuitive user experience that enables users to “converse” with their data and search using only their voice and with casual, everyday language.

  • Search & AI-Driven Predictions: new integrations with R enable business users to make building predictive models and analyzing them as simple as typing a search.

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  • Pervasive Push & Pull Insights from SpotIQ: SpotIQ already uses AI to automatically answer thousands of questions a businessperson would care about, but wouldn’t even know to ask. With TS5, SpotIQ not only pulls insights when asked, but automatically pushes relevant insights to users without them even asking. The tool also includes an updated interface, including a new “Did You Know?” page that quickly surfaces interesting data findings typically buried deep in the database.

  • Universal Search: once again taking AI-driven analytics to new levels, ThoughtSpot advances beyond relational search with the new Universal Search feature. The platform brings teams closer to insights by enabling more complex schema and queries, automatically returning richer results with every query — recommending additional, related content users can drill deeper into.

  • Powered by Falcon: ThoughtSpot’s in-memory calculation engine is the fastest analytics engine on the market, and has been orchestrated from the ground up for speed-at-scale in order to deliver on the promise of the next generation of augmented analytics.

  • New Cloud Capabilities: ThoughtSpot 5 is now certified to run on Google Cloud Platform, along with existing support for Amazon Web Services and Azure.

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