Heretto Announces Real-time Delivery for Structured Knowledge Content

New functionality enables personalized digital experiences on demand for any audience

Heretto, the leading Content Operations Platform for Knowledge Management, announced the general availability of Heretto Deploy, the next generation of web publishing for knowledge, product, and learning content. This functionality is designed to ensure a highly personalized digital experience by dynamically delivering content to users anywhere on the web from a single source.

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Heretto Deploy is an enterprise-grade solution designed to deliver world-class digital experiences to any user in any language. It allows organizations to publish content in real-time to their fully branded, fast, and scalable website or to a mobile app, chatbot, and other custom internet applications using the headless capabilities of the Heretto Deploy API. Updates to content can be made quickly and easily with the push of a button and without IT or administrative overhead.

With Heretto Deploy, an organization’s content is access-controlled, audience-specific, and search engine optimized. Everything in Heretto Deploy is highly customizable for a streamlined user experience. Users can access relevant information in their preferred language whenever they want, wherever they want.

Deploy is a key component of Heretto™, the first fully integrated cloud-native SaaS platform that streamlines the authoring, management, translation and delivery of knowledge, product, and learning content for global teams to any audience via any medium. This unified approach optimizes the content process and ensures compliance while enabling true real-time personalized content delivery in a single, auditable workflow. Heretto’s unique interface is designed to support power users as well as non-technical subject matter experts (SMEs) while consolidating all of the different sources of knowledge, product, and learning content into one structured central repository. This places knowledge content at the center of the customer journey; touching every part of the pre-sale, post-sale and employee experience.

“Heretto’s mission is to help organizations create better knowledge experiences that drive better customer experiences, better employee experiences, and more profits,” said Patrick Bosek, CEO and co-founder of Heretto. “This functionality further enhances our ability to deliver knowledge, product, and learning content that is highly relevant, aligned with audience expectations, and truly a reflection of an organization’s reputation.”

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